Is there something in life that you are really afraid of?

I fear..wait for it..










Did I mention AVERAGE??

Right now you are saying..

"Amber has issues."

Yes I do, but at least they are not AVERAGE issues..

Watch this video..it's pretty funny, yet it really does sum up my very worst fear.

Intro de Weeds from Alexein on Vimeo.


Anonymous said…
great video!
there really is a freedom that comes with escaping 'it all'...you can do it too!
Lateda said…
I like being average...
"under average" sounds so.. bad.
AND "over average" sounds risky.
I just dont like being beige(skin color now), I would rather be TAN:)
Our Family said…
That is funny...although I have to say that I am SO average. My walls are beige...well, my whole house actually is this color. I'm SO boring! At least I'm okay with it! :-)
Miss Charity said…
I've missed your blog so! Thank Heaven I've got my regular old computer back...now to get back in the groove. I know average may frighten you a bit, but I'm pretty content with it, I'm with the dish on this...I wouldn't even consider myself above average, either would I think I'm below it :) Something to ponder, for sure. Always excpecting something more than average to come out of myself would be a thing to achieve! Now...on to my blog...I need to write something????
Random Thoughts said…
I fear being average and ordinary. I know that it is important to this world that I be extraordinary, but i so often fail. I loved the video but my fear is not that I will look the same as someone else, (I will let everyone else fear that lol) but I fear living a self absorbed existence without even realizing it. Thank you for being thought provoking and reminding us that we are called to be extraordinary.

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