The List..Amber's Ode to Spring.

No matter how old I get..I still have this sneaking suspicion he comes alive at night..
I hope to one day to catch him weeding my kohlrabi.

Is that MY cute little red barn in the background?? Why yes it is!

I bet if stick your nose close the the screen and take a deep breath you just might smell dirt.
Go ahead..try it.

A little chippy goodness..

Oh spring it has been 4 long years since I have anxiously awaited your arrival.

4 years since I have poured over a Territorial Seed it was the holy scripture.

4 years since I have smelled my very own fresh clean dirt.

10. My goal this weekend was to fall asleep drunken with the feeling of hard work, fresh air and BBQ..

9. My chicken coop is squeaky clean and entirely ready for some new ladies..can't wait! And I can't wait to show you some pic's!!

8. I have 8 massively overgrown raised beds..I'm thinking they have not been touched in about 2 years. Stinking back breaking work..but oh so satisfying. Is it just me or does everyone get such deep pleasure from working the earth?

7. I planted 5 rows of onions.

6. Yesterday I was weeding, sexy husband was mowing (with a Starbucks in hand..cuz we live in Washington and all). The smell of dirt mixed with fresh mowed grass brought tears to my eyes. Gosh I'm a sap!

5. One of the most deeply satisfying things about gardening is walking out and picking something you are going to prepare that evening.

4. Falling asleep smelling like BBQ is my favorite.

3. The kids are planting a vegetable bed entirely for the food-bank.

2. Last week when I pulled in the drive-way, I yelled,


It kinda scared the kids..what don't all Mom's do that?

1. It has not been the easiest year (ok really 3 years) and at times Zach and I wonder if we should have moved back.. but being outside this weekend, on my own property, in the country, with green grass and fresh earth made me soo thankful for everything..everything in the past..everything that is right now.. and all the hope of the future.

It's good to be home.

**Mommy Monday was postponed a few days due to some unexpected situations..Stay tuned for Mommy Wednesday (mother and babes are doing very good)!!**


Anonymous said…
You are SO FAR ahead of us. It was 17* here this morning but I'm anxiously awaiting MY spring. I bought several packets of flower seed nice!
Lateda said…
I love it, I love it, I love it! :) (not spring.. but the fact that you are back:)
Life's Delish said…
We have about 6 inches of snow so Spring is not here quite yet. Looking forward to digging in my own dirt in a few weeks. hmm...I really should start packing!Looking forward to photos of the girls and all that you are beginning. Loves
Miss Charity said…
Oh you make me want to go out and weed my flower beds and plant some veggies! It will have to least for a couple of weeks anyway :)

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