The List..just a little stressed out style.

Crafty goodness...

10. Had so so so much fun in AZ! Miss Amy was a VERY gracious hostess with the southern mostess. Got to see almost all of my fav AZ peeps. The weather was at my favorite coffee place in the whole wide world (ok except anything Parisian)..really it was a perfect little stay. Now I just have to talk my husband out of moving back..

9. Our dear friend Jeff Gokee headed out to India with a team of about 20 peeps this week for a preaching gig. Long ways from home..his sweetie pie wife is as you might guess just a touch anxious. If you get a chance, say a prayer for Jeff and his you can check out his progress on his blog.

8. I had a FABULOUS time at Annie's house..her house looks like the inside of her sweet little shop in downtown Snohomish..the thought of my kiddos in her house, actually made my heart race a little bit:) Everything was BEAUTIFUL!! (side note..Annie's store is my very favorite store in Snoho..why? She is affordable..very refreshing)

7. We are headed over to the rents house for the long holiday weekend. I'm soo ready to relax in my spongebob pajama pants.

6. Although I won't be relaxing too much..Miss Elaine and I will be busy bee's working on all things Boho Art Retreat related..OOOOOH I soo can't wait!! Have you got your tickets yet?? Come on ladies..what cha waiting for!! We are planning up some fabulous fun..pic's soon to come!!!

5. I'm not super stressed out..just a little overwhelmed. But mostly my overwhelmed feeling is from being too busy. Having four kiddos, a workaholic hubby and a busy business..makes for some long days and late nights.

4. I have had a few reality checks the one about how grown women can be really really really mean.

3. Are you a believer? Watch this right now..go.

2. My husband bought me a dress from Urban Outfitters last week..ahh such a good good man I married.

1. Need a fun night out?? Like to shop with a bevy of ladies?? Like completely FABULOUS stuff offered up by even more FABULOUS ladies?? This is going to be such such such a good show!!! You don't want to miss it..I will kick yourself I'm going to be there..taking pictures..maybe I could take yours?? Buying cool stuff..of course:)


tinkerverve said…
Thanks for the shout...more info here:
I'm anxious to add a few more names to our creative team of Boho girls!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Amber! We had a wonderful time too! Thanks for the great pics. So now I know to go through Zach to get you back here!ao

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