Friday Favorite..My Apron (s)

When I first moved down to Arizona, I was lost.

Gone were my gf's, coffee shops, my green grass and damp earth.

What else was missing??

Food. Cooking. General Domestic Bliss. Nice soft of hips worn by the women who appreciate food and cooking.

The first time a neighbor came over and saw me standing in a tank top, shorts and apron..she looked taken aback.

"Oh..nice apron."

Some women see aprons as oppressive. To me they are just the opposite.

They set me free.

Not only can I prepare a fabulous meal, but I can maintain my fabulous fashion sense along the way.

What is under my apron??

Oh just a cute little number I purchased in the 7th Arrondissement, Paris France.

Does that sound oppressive?

I think not.


acro93 said…
I have been on the hunt for an apron ever since I saw you in yours. How wonderful it would be to not get my clothes wet or have pockets to put stuff in when I'm picking up. I just know I would be a much better cook!ao
Random Thoughts said…
If only I would remember to put one on. Just kidding. I love to wear aprons. They are useful and yet remind me of my grandmother and in a strange sense they are comforting.
Miss Charity said…
Kindred spirits my friend...yes, yes we are! Not only functional, but such a great accessory :)

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