Inspiration on a Tuesday

Tuesday is one of those days in the week that is kind of sucky.
I mean what is Tuesday??
It's not as bad as Monday, but it's not as.."Oh the week is halfway over as Wednesday" either.

So, lets cure the weekly boredom that is called Tuesday with random short films and youtube videos..ok??

Do you remember the first time you walked into Anthro?? I do. I kinda stopped breathing.

Well multiple that times 5 and you get Toast.

Go watch this short film..

Who knew such inspiration could come in only 4 short minutes.

Now this video is a little testosterone laden, but I didn't want to leave the guys out. 
(Plus the acoustic cover of Metallica is pretty rockin).

And nothing says inspiration quite like Lady GaGa..right?? Ok, wrong, but this kid is something.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Anonymous said…
I vote for Greyson! I loved watching the blond girl behind him. I think she was the only one that really 'got' how good he is.

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