Slowing it down.

We have markers in life.

Times that are so altering, it might possibly change the entire direction of your life. Of course death, marriage, finding or loosing religion, divorce, sickness, babes, job loss or jobs acquired are the easy ones.

What about a shopping trip?

I took the kiddos to do a little shopping at H&M.

As we were paying the store manager came over to help out the cashier.
He was a striking man, at first I thought that he might be a tall striking woman destined for the runway... then a quick glance told me he was a 20 something young gentleman with a beautiful complexion full of MAC makeup.

He really was stunning.

Then I remembered I had 3 Strehle kiddos with me..glancing around I noticed all tres gaped mouthed.

Next clearing my throat..making the necessary eye contact to the 3, letting them know that staring is not appropriate. I finished my transaction and we headed for the door.

No sooner had we hit the escalator, the question came.. "Mom..was that man gay?".

The conversation that then transpired between us 4 while walking through the mall was pretty intense. Questions answered, dialog started, fears and misconceptions squashed. We pretty much hit it all. My kiddos constantly amaze me, their maturity and open hearts really are something to marvel at.

The thing that has been so life altering about that conversation is not that the conversation itself I think the talking part for me is the easiest.

It's the time part.
You know, the fact that time is moving REALLY fast. They are all growing up.

Just a few years ago it was diapers and pre-school.

It was simple.

My time as Mommy is speeding past me, and I've noticed that I can't slow it down.

The next phase is approaching, high-school, girlfriends, college, careers..

Part of me is so excited to watch the 4 Strehle kiddos conquer the world, but I don't want to rush it. It will come.

So for now, the time spent with my 13 year old (s) with attitudes, a 10 year old with very eclectic fashion sense and conversations about make-up and the men that wear it are good.

I'm cherishing every single moment with the hope of slowing them down, or at the very least burying them so far into my heart I just won't ever forget.


Johnna Sutton said…
GardenGirl said…
Beautiful post. You are so wise to treasure these moments...they are truly fragile. Hold them close, until they begin their own journey. I'm working on the "her own journey" part with my almost 20 year old daughter.

Blessings from a mom's heart to another;) See you at 2nd Saturdayz?
Beth E-R said…
What a thoughtful post. The time spent with our children is the most precious gift of all. And it does indeed seem to pass by at increasing lightning speed.
Lateda said…
a 10 year old with an eclectic sense of fashion.. yes! :)

I hear yah.. mommy life is breezin' by WAY to fast..
Anonymous said…
This probably wasn't the best day for me to read this post...especially since I've been sitting in the QA Starbucks for the past two hours and finding that ever so often I have tears falling down my cheeks.
enjoy your days...all of them
Anonymous said…
This made me cry! You're such a great mamma Amber. I miss you terribly.
So beautiful, so eloquent, so wise. Love you!
Lisa of Lisa's Little House

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