The List...

I wish for eternal summer.

10. The Creative Connection is RIGHT around the corner!! It's been a little slow going but I'm starting to get pretty excited for this event...

9. Speaking of exciting.. Miss Elaine 2nd Boho Art retreat is coming up. Sadly, I'm unable to attend...BUT that does not mean that you are unable to attend. Think relaxing weekend, in adorable little cabins getting your crafty self on. Oh and let's not forget the food..a diet was VERY necessary after the last time, but oh was it worth it.

8. If you follow my photog blog you will know that I shot my first wedding last weekend. I have had so many inquires that I thought I should at least try one (I have two more booked). It gave me a whole new respect for those brave enough out there to call yourselves wedding photographers, not sure I'm going to be joining your ranks anytime soon.

7. I have camped a lot this summer, in a tent none the less. I'm not really a fan of tent camping. But the Strehle children are growing up and I'm starting to panic a little bit. Pretty soon they will all be gone and I will feel sad, so I tent camp, do lots of laundry and be happy about time spent with my kiddos.

6. Blogging has not been important this summer.

And that is ok.

5. Finishing up a SUPERB business book. Linchpin by Seth Godin. Good really good.

4. All this travel makes me feel a little gypsy, which of course I love..but I love my bed more..this can be a problem.

3. I heart my husband..just because.

2. I don't know about you, but my life sooo could have a soundtrack..if your life had a soundtrack who would be on it??

1. I'm boycotting fall.


Beth E-R said…
Your photography blog is swell! I'm happy you are spending so much time with your kids in the outdoors this summer. And as fall is my favorite season, I'm in no rush for it to show up this year. More summer, please.
Lateda said…
10. no comment. I wasnt invited, remember!
8. You did FAB!
6. ditto.
5. puke.
3. You would only cheat on him if you were to meet who????
2. Ok... soundtrack, here goes my playlist;
According to you
Love like crazy{lee brice},
Girls just want to have fun
{cydi lauper}
wasting time{jack johnson}
I want to be a billionare
{travie mcCoy}
and then of course some Hymns...
1. Pumpkin Spice latte... thats all I can think about.
tinkerverve said…
So glad you could slip in a little bit of MissE time this summer...actually, we've gotten in quite a bit. it's been nice.
So sorry you can't renew your Boho vows this fall but there will be more opportunities...hopefully!

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