The List...

Some fabulous fashion from Beth Ramos...sweet girl!

Treasure hunting with Come Junk with Us..good times.

10. WOW!!

Who would have thought that you were just as passionate about thong underwear as I:)

9. Along those lines.. I was blog stalking the other day and came across this very interesting post. A couple of peeps decided to wear only 6 pieces of clothing for a few months. The results are pretty fascinating if I must say so myself. The event went viral and now people all over are taking the challenge. The best part of the article from the New York Times is when a women talked about how it took her husband WEEKS to notice she had been wearing the same six items of clothing. Really?? Makes me wonder if people really care about what I wear half as much as I care about what I wear..that is kinda a hard truth for me:)

8. Why is it that people feel like they need to impose their rules on you?? At times I feel like this is what others might want of me..
Nope, not a fan of the box, thankyouverymuch.

7. Jeff Gokee sent one quick tweet like forever ago. It said, (ish)

"Do you truly want others around you to succeed?"

I have not been able to shake this tweet. It is seared into my brain. Lately before I make every business decision, this tweet pops into the noggin. If you really think about that statement it will very much reinvent the way you think about business. It has drastically changed my ideas.

In a good way.

5. Most parents are ready for the kids to go back to school. Me? I just about had a nervous breakdown when Wal-Mart had the school supplies up and ready to go. I mean really??

I just got tan.

4. Timi talks about one of the best parts about riding the junk bus are the friendships. I have to agree with her. I have made some pretty rockin friendships on the bus. Love that part.

3. It's all over blog land so I don't need to go on and on about it..but Barn House sure knows how to put on a pretty amazing show. While I don't know them personally, I'm in total awe of their business model, the show and their talent totally speaks for itself. Good job guys.

2. Speaking of shows...

October 22nd and 23rd.Rust and Ruffles. It's gonna be a good one..promise:)

1. We just returned from 4 days of a tent..and I am still in love with my husband.
Wow. I just so impressed myself.


Beth E-R said…
Oh my goodness - the picture you took of my dress is splendid! And to have it grace the top of your blog post will keep me grinning! Love the whole list. I was thinking about the six items or less challenge this very morning, and am still up for trying it. Just so it doesn't happen during the 30 days the Ruffles and Rust Show occurs. I'm having fun planning my outfits for that shindig!
Johnna Sutton said…
LOVE, LOVE the dress and shoes in the first photo! Oh and.....nice box :)

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