Ruffles and Rust was amazing, really it was. One of the highlights of my year..and I've had a GREAT year so thats saying something!

The night before the show I was laying in bed and I said to Zach,
"I have not been this excited about a show in a long long time."
I've sure missed that feeling.

I just gotta tell ya what made it so wonderful for me, it's the peeps:) I love having all my favorites, plus being able to meet and make new favorites under one roof. It's a big love fest! All the ladies seemed like they truly had SOO much fun. Love that.

Of course, I took some pictures too. That always rocks. Love this life, love these peeps, love me some junk.

Do you want to see more pictures? Become a follower of Come Junk with Us OR Tres Birds Photography on Facebook, there are hundreds of pictures to scroll through:)
These are just a few of my favorites..really most of them are my favorites..I LOVED being able to shoot this..like so much.
Thanks again ladies for such a special weekend. It really was great.

**yes I've been an absent blogger, sorry!**

Sweet Bee (no blog link!)
This was one of my favorite booths..I think they are new to doing shows, but gosh they display like seasoned pros. Stuff was FLYING out of this booth!

Ahh Trendi Wendi goodness, yes Amber dropped a little coin at this booth. (not very much..her prices were VERY reasonable!) Yet another favorite that does NOT have a blog..boohoo!

How cute of an idea is this?? Carly Tee Photography has some GREAT ideas for displaying pic's in a fun, funky and vintage way!

Cute stuff from Joyworks!

Junebug goodness..sweet girls!

LOVE...Todays Country Store

I was lucky enough to meet these two sweet gals from Poppyseeds up in Stanwood. Look at that dress! Coat! Boots! Soo much eye candy. Sweet ladies, I wish I lived a bit closer (although we are NOT that far apart) because I could totally see myself having coffee and shopping with this group:)


Rusty goodness..so good..LOVE this booth (Fun Junk), she is at every show..and it's always sooo stinking clever.


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I was super excited for Ruffles & Rust, too! I couldn't convince any friends to accompany me, though. I felt a little lonely when I was shopping. :( I did love all the little goodies I found.
My blog post

Thanks for the booth info. I was wondering who was selling those fabulous keys.ke
Isn't it amazing what happens when we (like minds) gather together!!

Your phots are just gorgeous!! Thanks for including us in you post. We look forward to seeing you in Spokane. XO Glad & Celia/Junebug
Anonymous said…
Looks like it was perfect in every way!
Shopgirl said…
Amber your photos are AMAZING! Thanks so much for including us in your Ruffles & Rust Recap. It was great to meet you. We hope to see you again soon!

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