There is a story behind this necklace..I found the rusty key while walking around Tye Lake in Monroe with a pretty inspiring and uplifting woman. When I look at the key I think about how good people are KEY in our lives. The bird feather came on another necklace from goodwill. The feather is well obviously Tres Birds and all, but it also means freedom. God gave me wings, now it is my choice where to fly..(pretty deep for just a necklace, no?)

My necklace I made at TCC.. If I could marry and object right now, it would be this necklace.

10. I heart fall.

9. Along with my newly found unhealthy relation with the cops..The last two times I've flown I've been picked out for the "random person pat down".
I'm pretty sure once they get their hands all over me its like, "False Alarm! Everything is held into place with precision like undergarments, meant for those who are too chicken to get plastic surgery." I'm not going to lie, it is just a tad uncomfortable when a women in uniform asks you to spread your legs, in front of hundreds of strangers.. **shiver**.

Two great things in one..Marching Band and OK GO...

7. I took a jewelry making class at TCC. Just so happens my teachers were designers for the company that makes stuff for Anthro.. Pinch me, because I was dreaming. They were so inspired with my necklace I'm pretty sure I will be receiving a phone call from them at any moment BEGGING to come and design for them. Don't worry I will remember all the little people when I'm famous.

6. School is going super de duper well. When the Strehle kiddos are happy, mamma is happy;)

5. I have a MASSIVE crush on Kelly Rae Roberts. Every time I read her blog, I'm pretty sure I can conquer the world.

4. I know it's not New Years yet, but I already have a resolution. Are you ready??

I want to be in a flash mob this year. It's on my bucket list.

3. You know, when I wrote my last post, I was soo cracking myself up. Bummer part is, I guess I was the only one who thought it was funny.

2. The only reason I would ever get cable again?? If I could not watch Glee online.


Sooo I magically scored TWO tickets to the upcoming Bloggers Ball (aka early entry and first shot at all the FAB stuff!!) at the Ruffles and Rust show in a few weeks..guess what??
I'm going to give them away to some lucky reader (and since there is just one of are soo golden!).
Here is the deal. I won't make you give me your first born, or even fan me on facebook.
Just leave a comment. Heck I will give you two chances if you leave a comment on my last post as well, because DANG IT I'M FUNNY and even if I have to bribe you with this seasons hottest tickets..then I will..I'm not above it.

So leave me a comment, I will draw next Monday and next thing you know you and your BFF will score some sweet tickets to a DANG fabulous night!! YAY!!


Anonymous said…
I must say that the OKGo video is absolutely one of my favorites. Right up there with synchronized treadmills.....
Jennifer said…
I have been following Kelly Rae Roberts for some time as well! She is really inspiring!

I have been pulled over twice for speeding. Both times, I cried out of frustration (and, well, possibly a little embarrassment as both times were right down the street from my daughter's school) and didn't get a ticket! the Nacho Libre Mask!
Anonymous said…
let me know what your flash mob is going to be/do and maybe I'll join you...just maybe {because SOMETIMES I can be cool, too}
{don't add me to your give-a-way ~I'm not THAT cool}
Anonymous said…
p.s. for the 'ball' you can borrow MY new dress...
...and my b&w cowgirl boots
Lauren said…
I got a bit excited when I started reading this... I thought the necklace was the give-away :)

I don't want the tickets, just wanted to comment!

Also, I love the music video... brings back memories of my one year in marching band.

Also, all you have to do is find someone who has cable & crash their place every Tuesday night... That's what I do!me
GardenGirl said…
You are too funny and have an incredible heart. Now those 2 things together are good ;) Flash mob? I am so in! Love that you love David Crowder too. You have so much to look forward to, of this I am sure...thanks for visiting my site!

In His grip,
deb @ Garden Party
Patty said…
would love those sweet tickets.
stephanie said…
hi Amber... I will be away on a family vacation so unfortunately I can't go to Ruffles & Rust, but just thought I would stop by & say 'howdy'. I too was hoping the necklace was the giveaway...bummer!

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