The List...

10. It's soo this time of year again, it's a tad crazy around these parts.

9. Its fall and pumpkin is the theme around Roosevelt House..My kiddos BEG for this recipe all year around..
Pumpkin Pasta..simply amazing!
With the leftover pumpkin puree I always manage to whip of a batch of these to go with morning coffee..yum.

8. I'm going to repeat a message that was left on my cell phone this week. I'm keeping the caller anon.

"As you know my neighbor is really sick, so today I was over cleaning up around her house for her. There was some left over dinner in the sink and she told me to just put the dish out for the dogs to clean up. When I brought the dish back in the house, she told me.."Oh you don't need to wash that now, the dogs do a good enough job." The worst part? We eat over at their house all the time."

7. The Chilean mine rescue story is really pretty dang amazing.

6. I cried during the Cheesus episode on Glee. Like big alligator tears. When the lady took Kirk's hand during church..killed me.

5. Um..this is flipping funny...truth can either hurt or make you laugh really hard.

4. Something else that is funny? The term..


This week The Sister vaguebooked, her status update was..


I'm pretty sure that is vaguebooking at it's finest:)

3. Nothing revs the creative engine quite like sitting in the library. I soo heart the a lot. When I walk in everyone is like.."Amber!" kinda like "Norm!" in Cheers..ok but they whisper..cuz it's the library and all..duh.

2. No I don't have an outfit yet for the Ruffles and Rust ball. **sigh**
My fairy flipping g-ma better get her hiney in gear! I need some mice to whip me out a dress ASAP!

1. I'm taking the entire month of December not answering my phone.

I. Can't. Wait.


Beth E-R said…
Your lists are the best! I could watch Glee every night of the week. Good luck finding that fairy godmother to whip up your ball gown for Ruffles & Rust. It's going to be such a fab show.
Random Thoughts said…
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Random Thoughts said…
Yay for December! I tried to post before and botched it. I will blame old age or maybe this cold. Anyway, I am sure the non old non sick person is innocent! Love the list. Love pumpkin pasta.
tinkerverve said…
Good luck with December! Ben just mentioned that snow is in the forecast for Wednesday....makes me get all excited!
Have a fun weekend...don't think too much about what you'll be missing out on...quiet, rural, fun, crafty goodness mingled with copious amounts of glorious food!
Miss Charity said…
I'm laughing so hard right now...

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