A honest post..(because we all think it & I'm going to say it)

I have a hate/love/insecure/accept it/ relationship with you...

Last spring I was at a funeral. It was in the small town that I grew up in, therefore there were a whole lot of peeps that I know.

Before facebook I would have never known what most of these people had been up to for the past few years. For instance I would not have known...

"Took Abby to the Dr. today..good news..she can poop now!" or

"Wishes that SOMONE would be more considerate of others!" or

"Callie's relationship status has changed to.. In a relationship with Harry Potter".

Soo here I was at a funeral and a few rows ahead of me sat a man whom I had received a friend request from a few years earlier.. the funny part is..

I had denied it.

BUT what makes it even funnier is on either side of me sat my husband and one of my BFF's, both of them had accepted the friend request. I leaned over..

"Are you going to talk to _______?" (name has been withheld to protect his pride)

"No." They both responded.

"Then why are you his friend on Facebook?!?!" I almost yelled. (a respectable yell, I mean it was a funeral after all)

"Because it's rude not accept a friend request." They replied.

"But he was NEVER my friend before!." I protested!

"It's just rude Amber." said Zach as he peered down his nose at me. (story of my LIFE!)

So here is just the first of many dilemmas I have with facebook.

You see when I first became a member I took the word FRIEND too seriously. Because that is how I roll, I take that word seriously. My pizza guy?? NOT my friend!!! So instead of friend requests we should get...

Acquaintance requests.
I used to know you in High School and either you treated me bad or I treated you bad requests.
Secretly I think your hot requests.
I met you once at a party requests.
We dated and for some sick reason I want to be your friend requests.

And lastly my personal favorite.

Frenemy requests.

(excuse the scantily clad women..its a funny video)

You know who I'm talking about right? I'm sure you must have at least one person that pops right into your mind? Why am I so scared to delete her? She hates me, says bad things behind my back, is only out to destroy me and yet she is on my friends list..see what I mean?? It goes against the laws of nature to have her on a "friends list"!!!!

And please don't even get me started on the passive aggressive facebooker... **sigh**

BUT there is the love side.

There are actually quite a few peeps that I have soo enjoyed reconnecting with, I mean that..really. Then there are those of you who I happily call my clients AND my friends, you also mean so so much to me. There are also some of my acquaintances that have turned into friends via deeper conversations that have started on facebook. My core group. I love logging in and seeing new pic's of your kiddos, send over a quick note about coffee..or how much I miss you. It does make being involved in your lives easier and for that I'm super grateful. And soo don't even get me started about the benefits for my business! Facebook is FREE marketing at its best!!

Lets not forget facebook insecurity (root of all evil).
It's kinda like the cover of a Vogue...AFTER airbrushing.
Because I'm not going to post (ok some oversharers are going to post).

"My 13 year old told me he hated me today..I'm going to go drink half a bottle of wine now."

No instead I wait for the good days and post..

"Today my 13 year old raised half a million dollars for AIDS awareness!"

I don't post the down and dirty. Only the unicorns and rainbows.

Remember, a status update is a snapshot..not the entire picture.

My insecure side HARDLY ever sends a friend request to someone. If you are one of the few, count yourself lucky. I have a UBER hard time with rejection. So if I don't ask, I won't be rejected. Problem solved.

Lastly I have come to the point of acceptance.

I'm not going to delete my account and I too have stalked the boy I had a crush on in high school.


Facebook this concludes my honest post about you..please don't delete me.



Anonymous said…
Almost everyday I love FB! {I love it even more when my daughter is happy...as she is now..right now and possibly ONLY now!}
I even watched the new movie about FB but it wasn't my idea...not a bad movie though {not a great one either}
OK...I think I'm going to go now...
You are right on the money! What a great post and so freakishly true. I have a terrible crush on FB and wonder how long it will last before my heart gets broken. But for now I am updating, commenting, stalking, marketing, 'farming', and enjoying the ride.
Johnna Sutton said…
Ummmm I'm dating Harry Potter so Callie can KISS IT! I also NEVER ask to be someones friend, it's clear be both have some issues!....love it...
Random Thoughts said…
I love FB on most days also. Sometimes I get brave and post something honest but mostly I have loved finding friends that have moved away and from way back when I was young. I don't worry about who wants to be my friend but I am so with the insecurity of it all and rarely will friend request. I am able to feel rejection in ways that I even know are ridiculous.
GardenGirl said…
I am the only one I know who not on facebook. No one has convinced me yet, but for some reason they really want me on there! How come?

deb @ Garden Party

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