If 40 is the new 30, then what is 30? And who decides that anyway? Hollywood?
I'm sure, land where plastic surgery reigns.
So what is 30? I think about 2 years before I turned 30 I started to loath it.
I have never been nervous about age, but 30.
It's just so.... I don't know, average.
It's just so normal, just so blase. Just so suburbia and Oprah.
It started to dawn on me at about 28, I was looking into a "young adult" conference. The website said that it was for people between the ages of 20-30. Then I started thinking, what about the 30 years olds? Are they not "young adults" anymore? No they sure the heck are not. They do not get to attend the "young adults" conference. So what conference do they get to attend?
"How to hold onto your 20's"
It hit me, 30 is just plain BORING. Why don't they have conferences for 30 years olds? Because we would all need to be in bed by 9. Not out bar hoppin or going to cool all night coffee houses. Nooo we want X-Files reruns and our comfy jammies.
You see, in your 20's people have a little bit more sympathy for you, they are like "oh she will grow out of it." Or "as soon as she gets out of college she will get a good job."
Well what if you are in your 30's and you never got "the good job" and your bumper sticker reads "World's Best Soccer Mom." People stop having sympathy for you real quick.
So I have like 7 or so years before I get to the new milestone of 40. Say it with me... OOOOH.
At 40 your wise, at 40 your sexy, at 40 your blah blah blah. Come on!! I want all of those things now, and I want all (maybe just some) of the things I had when I was in my 20's (my butt for sure).
This was so obvious to me the other night. We went to a wedding for my husband's co-worker. She was a adorable young thing, with a attractive circle of friends. You saw all the cute young couples at the wedding. Many of the girls were pregnant, some were just married themselves. All very sweet, sure I remember those days like 10 flippin years ago.
Then there were the empty nesters. They were free wheelin and loving life.
Did they have to worry about the babysitter burning down the house?? Nooo the kids are gone, no wonder they drank so much. So here were Zach and Amber, we were the only 30's there. And to make matters worse we were a "work" invite. We would not be in this couples circle of friends. And why would a young 20 something couple want to be in our circle? Do they want to go to the first showing of every new Disney flick that hits the screen? I don't think so!
So we were total outcasts.
We used to be cool!! We used to have the attractive circle of friends!! (this is me holding on)
But now we ask ourselves who do we sit with? Who do we talk to?
Really if I did talk to them, I think that the 20 year olds would say they want to be in their 30's. The thirty year olds would say they want to be in their 40's. And the forty year olds would say they want to be in there 30's.
We can't get our youth back, and we fear the future. Go figure.


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