No Bad Days

I am soooo not ready for back to school. I am not ready for the grind or the rain. Why do I live in Washington state? To be honest I am beginning to think it is only because there is a Starbucks on every corner.
This is my ~Ode To Summer~ blog.. All of my favorite things about summertime..
My garden-Spring comes and I stand out in the poring rain and I plant hopeful little seeds. Then if we are lucky enough to get some sun before the 4th of July, little green heads make there way out of the dirt. It seems like a mini rebirth for me every year. It brings hope of brighter and sunnier (who am I kidding) days ahead. Then at the end of the season I get to reap what I sow. Tom's, cukes, beans and of course fresh flowers. What a reward for all of your hard work!
My kiddy pool-If you have read any of my previous blog's you might have noticed that I did not get out much this summer. This made my kid's pool a real luxury!! I spent a little too much time lounging on a floaty working on my tan and the latest book from the library. A SAHM never had so much free fun!
Getting a tan-I know, I know I should be careful about skin cancer.... But vanity wins out everytime. I like being tan. Not fake tan, but real sun tan. It empowers me somehow. I think I am so vitamin D deficient from living in WA state that I just go stark raving mad when I get a good tan!! Also as my sister so eloquently put it. "Tan fat looks better than white fat." Thanks sis
Summer Food-Especially when blueberries start coming on (after the 4th) that is when I really kick it up a notch..Fresh produce, fresh herbs, fresh fruit. Is there such thing as too much peach cobbler, too many rhubarb pies. No of course not, but there is such things as too many calories and not enough time at the gym.
Open Schedule-I am sure that many of you are like me, every second of every day is so tightly scheduled that if we stop for even one hour to, it could mess up our whole week!! So for me to look at my handy calendar and not see one thing written down for like two weeks makes me leap for joy!!! It gives me more time for the kiddy pool.
Friends and Family-Due to my more open schedule...I get to be with the people that I love most more often. We play softball, BBQ, hang out and just have a great time. Life just feels more carefree and the little things seem less important in the summer. Like I said I am not sure if it is the vitamin D or all the Corona's everyone is drinking.. but it brings me back to what is really important. Spending time with the ones I love, enjoying life.
How can you not love summer.


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