I have been on media blackout for 3 days now. I can't handle listening or watching any news source. I yelled at the radio on Monday, and I was not even listening to NPR! The media was just waiting to tear Bush's head off after his UN appearance. As he finishes up one of his best speeches to date, the media totally annihilates him, as usual. All of the predictable leftist minions rush to their press conferences to dispel what the President said.
Who will be the first to get a sound bite on CNN? Did they mention any of the positives in his speech? Of, course not!
One of the highlights of Dubya's speech was when he addressed the people of various nations that are having difficulties right now.
The saddest part about this was, with few exceptions many of these people will never be able to hear the President of our country addressing them. That is because his voice is censored out. Something that us as Americans know very little about, but the people of Venezuela and Iran live it out on a daily basis. Ironic?
Just a little..Due to speak just a few hours later President Ahmadinejad. Who rules a country that treats women as second class citizens. The UN council (and 60 Minutes) treat him like royalty! Applause, smiles, this is a very famous man!
Next up is Hugo Chavez...I would love to have a leader that could make such a rich statement as, "And it still smells of sulfur today."
Yes, this wonderful leftist idol launched right into his anti-American antics almost within his first breath of a statement at the UN yesterday. He stood at a podium in our FREE nation and called Bush a "world dictator".
I know this is a popular statement within the wack job leftist groups. But a bunch of college flunkies making this statement verses an ACTUAL dictator making it on our soil, is just so wrong!! Do a little research people, check out which nation has poorer people, worst women's rights, highest infant mortality rate, the list goes on and on.
Why don't you ask Ahmadinejad about gay rights, ask him if he is pro-choice!! I am SURE you would just love his answer!
Please... start putting your "bright upcoming minds" to use.
Could you let me know why we hold two people on a pedestal that do not believe that all people are created equal.
Why again are these men better than our own President?
You might be of the opinion that my thinking regarding this is "simple".
Maybe it is, but then maybe you can tell me how we can possibly make what is truly evil appear better and even superior. Go ahead and try and convince me that a certain race of people are subhuman. Try and convince the millions of Jews who lost family in the holocaust that it never happened.
Please stop just for a moment and think about what our country would look like if these men were in power here.
See, I knew I could change your mind.


Anonymous said…
So true! I love your blog, you go girl, and keep it up!

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