Amber's-3 R's

That is the best way to explain my recent short stay at the wonderful Butterclam house in Ocean Shores. Our family has made this annual trek for the past 3 years. It always is a time of perfect lazy bliss for the family. Why do we need to drive 2+ hours to actually relax and spend time as a family? I am not sure. Why can't we relax here at our lovely home, close to everything? Well I think that might be part of the problem. There is nothing in Ocean Shores, no Starbucks, no Wi-Fi, you can barely get a cell signal. You should have seen us, we pull into town with our IPod/Laptop/Digital this and that. The locals must just crack up when they see people like us coming. Of course all of the locals look like they are about 65+ and are still bitter about the 2000 election. Anyways....I was just praying to get some sort of a cell signal and possibly get dial-up on the beach house phone line. No such luck. After about four hours of electronic detox, I finally relaxed. Zach and I need to be completely unplugged to truly relax, it is total madness. We have done this to ourselves, no wonder so many of us need to take Zolof to cope. What did people do before the electronic revolution?
Did people need anti-depressants then?
While we say that our blackberries/laptops/cell phones/ect.... make our lives easier, it really is just blurring the line between work and family life. Work only used to call home in case of a serious emergencies, now we get phone calls every night and that is after the 13 hour work day!
It was great to see my husband taking a nap, playing foosball and working stupid jigsaw puzzles until 1 in the morning. Did my kids complain that we did nothing for 3 days? No they loved it! For now they are just content to hang with the parents, spend time at the beach and work jigsaw puzzles with Dad. Did we go to Disneyland? No we drove to a small slightly depressed area that has no economy and just hung out for 3 days.
I have a friend of a friend who recently spent time in Ocean Shores, they hated it!!! Why? too slow, not enough to do. I must say, that is exactly why this girl chooses to go.
It leaves my husband and I with enough time to do what is important. Nothing.


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