Road Trip!!!

The kids went back to school yesterday!!! I even sent my 4 year old off to pre-school for the first time. Four whole hours all to myself, what is a Mom to do?
Starbucks here I come.
Well celebrate my new found freedom I am dragging a couple of wild girlfriends on a road trip! Well... not like a "Rushmore or Bust" road trip, but a drive for 5 hours to go to a totally kick butt antique show road trip! (Way better than Rushmore).
We are going to a show that was just recently featured in Country Living Mag.
Of course you know the story... two clever ladies started putting on a show a few years back and they were discovered, now the two are contributing editors to the mag, people from all over the country fly in just check out their stuff ect..... It makes me soooo jealous!!! The small bank in town even stays open just for their show!!
They even have a cute name The Farm Chicks, you can check them out at, it will get your creative juices flowing!
They are also featured in my new favorite book Mary Jane's Life Book. All of these ladies are what I hope to one day become. Entrepreneurial SAHM's who actual made a cool business work! Well it should be a awesome (long) day, I am not sure how Dad is going to handle the kids all day...welcome to my world honey!!


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