The List..a few days late

10. I think I'm getting used to the heat, 110 does not feel as hot this year as it did last year..I know it's crazy.
9. I spent an entire week in the wild with my husband and did not fight one time, now we will see what happens with three days in the car:)

8. I have been obsessed with making exact change every chance I get.

7. I have a few art orders to fullfill, that is kinda cool and it makes me feel a tad legit. ( is from my sis, but hey it's a start!)

6. No computer for one weeks means no political list item..sorry.

5. I shut the cable off last week.

4. Looks like there is a very real possibility I'm going to Paris next summer..oui oui!! (more to come on that soon)

3. Soo looks like the owners of our house are going into foreclosure..hmm I'm not too sure where we are going to be living in the next few months, but for some strange reason I'm really not too worried. God knows.

2. One of these just opened up and I'm pretty excited..I guess it's kinda a cool place and it's not too far from the house.

1. ROAD TRIP!! Just a few short days and I will be crusing up the coast heading to Washington!! I will be making a few stops along the way..Lake Havasu, Redwood forest, San Fran and a visit with the sis..Oh and blogging and junking the whole way..I'm SUPER excited. So far this has been about my best summer EVER!! Homeownership is way over-rated:)


Wendy Girl said…
O man O man O man...
Iam so excited for your road trip..Yipeeee
But Hobby Lobby?
Miss Charity said…
PARIS????...With who and can I come, too :-) You lucky woman, you! Can't wait to see's gonna be fun!
Lauren said…
I wanna go to Paris...

(trying to be envyous)

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