The List

Washington goodness
My birthday girl:)Hanging with my gnomies

10. What inspires you? I'm just curious.

9. At times I get really bad blog envy, I get all down on myself..thinking all 10 of you who read this blog are really not reading it at your off at one of those cool blogs, ones that make national headlines.
I know, I know it's silly.. but I'm just saying.

8. I feel sooo sorry for The Dish. Just last week we had a very fun morning of Starbucks and chatting...she was showing off her newest purchase..a fancy camera..a real nice one. We were oohing and awing over that thing, then I get this very upset phone call. One of her little angels dropped the camera and busted the lens....bummer.

7. When I took the above pictures, I froze, seriously. I'm not taking any outdoor pics till spring.

6. I got some great news yesterday, looks like a very good AZ friend will be up in my neck of the woods come this spring..yipee!!

5. The kids first full week of school is going well. This is the first time they have ever attended a traditional public school. I have some thoughts on this, but that will have to come in a later post.

4. I found the neatest grocery store EVER. Ok it's not really the neatest..let me rephrase that..the CHEAPEST grocery store ever (the neatest is Whole Foods) When you are on a budget feeding 6 peeps everyday and are a self proclaimed food snob, not just any meal will do.This place has some pretty darn good deals and some pretty darn good just have to hunt a little..and get past the smell..and all the massive amounts of people..but really I promise it's worth it:)

3. Speaking of food, I have discovered something very interesting about myself. I have always known that I'm an emotional eater, meaning when I'm stressed out I like to shove large amounts of carbs (mostly in the form of pasta and mashed potatoes) down my throat. When I moved to AZ I quickly gained __lbs it took me a while but I eventually got it off. Now back home under lots less stress (but still some). I'm a stinking maniac in the kitchen right now..totally coming up with awesome meals every night for the fam, plus baking..often. I think I have discovered yet another Amber coping mechanism..oh what a complex creature I am.

2. I started a knitting project a few days ago. I tried once in AZ to knit, but it just did not feel right. Sitting by the fire here in cold house knitting feels very right. I will post pic's when I'm finished with my "arm warmers" cuz you can't live here with cold arms, right? (oh and no judging allowed, I have not knitted in a long time!)

1. Isabelle's 9th birthday is on Saturday!! Crazy..seriously, I'm just so shocked she is 9. This girl came into the world making a huge (11lb!) statement and really has not stopped:) Oh my world would be so..bland without this little girl around.


tinkerverve said…
OK, so...I read every one and every word - do you want me to tell you about your grammatical errors to prove it? OK - I won't because I don't really want to hear about mine - no...actually, I do want to know if I've made an error! :-)

love your pictures, and your gnomie, and your watermark. too cool.

Can I put you off 1 week for a place to stay? I moved our appt out 1 week.
Anonymous said…
I'm no blog addict, just a tres birds one... I love your blog and look forward to it all the time :) Your pics this week are awesome. Have a great weekend celebrating Isabelle. She is very special :) Miss you lots
Wendy Girl said…
Sad Sad Sad....
You know we wait for the weekly list...
Happy Birthday Isabelle...
Which Store?
Have you had the WINCO experience yet?
I know how Mrs Love feels. I broke my big lense too!
Lani said…
Amber, just want you to know I read EVERY word too. I subscribe to your blog and can't wait to see what the list is as well as the most amazing pictures you take. I felt like I knew what was going on with you when you were in AZ. So glad you are back in WA. I would love to see you.:o)

You are so talented when it comes to writing. Oh and taking pics. Keep up the great work, I look forward to it!!
Amber Rose said…
ok now I feel like the skinny girl in high school that says she is fat just so people will say "NO!! your not are soo skinny" Did I sound that pathetic?? Thanks for all your kind words:)

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