We have a winner!! Or two..

Better late than never!! Long day!! So sorry!!

Package #1
Emily Rozzell
(I will mail yours..need your address)

Package #2
Cyndi Anderson
(I can drop yours off at work!)


Timi said…
Hey thank you for the comment. I appreciate you stopping by.
I'm so sad I didn't win. Oh well!

Next time!
Timi said…
can you e-mail me?
Random Thoughts said…
I am so excited. I don't win too often. And I will get to see you if ever for a minute. Hooray!
Life's Delish said…
BUMMER! I meant to get back and leave a comment and obviously the sewing goodies that were meant to be mine must go to another:).Congrats to the winner and someday I will get with the program.
Anonymous said…
Did you get a job?ao

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