The List..New Years Style..

Normally I don't do New Years Resolutions but in blogdom it seems a little easier, actually it should be I'm writing them down for the world to see, just please don't hold me too accountable:)
My New Years list..

10.Get skinny..HA!! JUST KIDDING!! No really its more like, WHO am I kidding..not myself anymore. Do over..

10. Love my body the way it is, be thankful for the "glories" of child rearing, eat healthy and exercise.

9. Remember that God is above politics.

8. Treasure the people that matter most to me and TELL them how much I treasure them.

7. Remember that judgement should ONLY come from my creator..ever.

6. Remind myself that at times love is much harder than judgement.

5. Buy less stuff.

4. Take care of the stuff I have now.

3. Remember that stuff does not make me happy (with the exception of large diamonds)

2. Take God out of the box I have him so neatly wrapped in.

1. Everyday try and leave a little bit more of my icky self behind to make room for the person God intended me to be:)


tinkerverve said…
great goals - make me feel like we're a bit like-minded! :-)
Lateda said…
I was thinking just the opposite of little "tink"...
makes me feel a bit convicted and gives me the itch to go shopping!
BUY less stuff.. are you kidding me? what kind of resolution is that!
Wendy Girl said…
Good resolutions.
Mine is to not kill anyone....
Just Joking I know that is a stretch...
Random Thoughts said…
I like your resolutions. I want to walk in peace and feel contented. I have also made a resolution to be happy with progress in my resolutions and not feel like I have to arrive at them. Great List!

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