The List..delayed

We asked Sissy what she wanted for her b-day..she said Emma:) Delayed Christmas aftermath..good times:)
Home made from scratch veggie and goat cheese pizza..yum yum.

Does it get much better than this? Hardly.

10. I had a AZ gf comment and ask me if I got a job (as if!). I'm assuming the reason for this question is my amount of blog/facebook/texting has decreased significantly in the past 3 weeks. Folks I gotta tell you it's just so hard when your so well..popular. I'm catching up on about 2 years worth of social engagements...feel sorry for me:)

9. Last weekend I hosted a delayed Christmas weekend. Cold house was warm and very full:) We had a blast! Lots of pasta and coffee were consumed by all (except Lauren who works at Starbucks but does not like coffee??) my idea of a perfect weekend.

8. Zach and I were able to take a date night and I was finally able to go the best Chinese restaurant in all of Washington, maybe the world, mmm so good. Hung out in the city and visited a pretty darn cool church in Ballard, good date night.

7. The music here in WA is sooo much better than in AZ. I think the only person who will disagree with me is Jerry Femano

6. I STILL have not gone to the Seattle Goodwill (see #1).

5. Had my first Paris Pussy cats meeting this Saturday..I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M ACTUALLY GOING TO PARIS!! I'm still pinching myself.

4. Oh and in case you were nervous, I turned in my passport app..after a few nights waking up from dreams about me NOT having a passport I thought I better get it turned in.

3. Did I ever tell you that Miss Elaine was invited to be in The Farm Chicks show?? That's like winning an Oscar in the junking world.

2. I had a pretty fabulous morning on Friday, I was able to fit in a little bit of crafting with Charity, it's nice to show off my totally SUCKY sewing skills to someone who rocks the sewing machine. I think she ended up feeling really sorry for me.

1. How am I adjusting? Hmm..lots of strong coffee, a very large cell phone bill, new Ugg boots (in brown) and a wool sweater to bed every night.
Thats how I'm adjusting..nuff said.


tinkerverve said…
So glad my kids were able to get some Strehle time in - I know the 'warm' house also warmed their hearts. ~How fun to visit Judy Fu. Hopefully you bought a t-shirt. :-) ~I'm coming next weekend, let's go to Sea GW & Qu.Anne. ~Paris Pussy Cats???? ~I'm so excited about the FC - I just can't wait...19weeks! ~Uggs are definitely on my list of things I can't afford but will buy anyway. I was surprised at how many adorable styles there are. Check out the boots in this post. OMGoodness! I'm in love...can't find the exact ones-couldn't afford them if I could.
Lauren said…
I LOVED spending time with you!! Hopefully I can make that trip a couple more times before summer hits... then we can meet up in Paris!! :)
Anonymous said…
Hey, I asked about the job cause you told Cyndi Anderson you would drop her stuff off at work. Made it sound like you were working. I realize your social schedule is a job in itself!! amy
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, have to say I'll take this weather over the music anyday. I can always get stuff from the
Timi said…
WOW! You have been busy! I would like to know where that Chinese resturant is??? We have yet to find one.
I'm so excited for Farm Chicks! You and your crafty buddies should plan a trip to Joys Oregon on the 7th. She is having a blog party.
Sounds like you are settling in to Washington living again just fine.
Welcome back!
Wendy Girl said…
Have to agree with number 8...
Love that place. Thanks for introducing us to it.
Miss Charity said… food-snob friend here she is go check her out
have lots of fun... :)

so when are you taking me to this famous Snappy Dragon I keep hearing about, huh? Put it on your to do list ;)

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