The List..Washington Style

Poor birdie..I bet she is cold!
Christmas decorations by The Dish

Luminaries back in AZ
Miss ya Jerry!:)

Silly ladies:)

10. I'm going to name this house..Cold House. Really I'm thinking that just about any house I moved into from AZ would be cold, but seriously I have not warmed up since we moved in. I have a down comforter plus 3 other really big thick blankets on my bed and I'm still freezing at night!

9. We have been home for just over two weeks, and due to snow, lack of stuff and finally a really bad case of strep throat we have not seen ONE person (other than the Loves). Crazy!! I'm actually back in Washington and lonely! Who would have thought!!

8. The Sister is planning a visit soon, I can't wait to see her! AND Miss Elaine is due to show up by the end of the month..FUN!! These are definitely some of the perks of moving back!

7. I'm hoping to get the kiddos enrolled and ready for school by Wednesday..if you get a chance say a quick prayer for them, its not easy being the new kid:(

6. Fellow blogger Timi (and neighbor I think!) kept posting during this snow storm..she was calling it "Marriage Test 2008". This made me laugh very hard, and I think that it is a very true statement of the past few weeks weather. I figure if The Husband and I could make it through these past few weeks, we should be able to make it through just about anything.

5. Poor Ginger!! Oh she is soo cold all of the time!

4. Due to snow, lack of stuff and finally sickness I have not been able to do much. I'm super looking forward to hitting the Seattle Goodwill (maybe this week?? Who's in??) Central Market and a few other choice Washington spots.

3. 30 days of Nothing..ok so when I originally posted I of course had zero idea we would be moving on the 20th of stay tuned I would like to pick it up in February. Really who needs roses and chocolate anyways??

2. So I made a really big decision during this move...because we are only staying here in Cold House till June, I'm not going to "Amber it up". Meaning all of my tchotche's will stay in storage. This caused The Dish and I to have a few arguments during moving day. She kept putting up stuff and I kept taking it down..she kept wondering why I was putting stuff back IN boxes. I'm sure the movers thought we were crazy. The reason behind my madness? I moved cross country in June of 07, then 17 months later moved cross town, then 4 weeks later moved cross country AGAIN! Now in 6 short months we are moving yet again. If I have to pack my &*!? up again I will for sure go loco..seriously crazy. So when you visit and think to yourself that I have lost all of my very talented decorating style, just know it's happily stored in the freezing cold garage.

1. I'm stinking cold!


Wendy Girl said…
Hey Popcicle...
If your going to the Goodwill on Tuesday or thursday, I am in.
Anonymous said…
Jerry is pysched to be photo'd on the blog, however, was looking forward to seeing himself in the fancy scarf. Is that snow ever going to melt? I thought you guys just got rain - seems to be sticking around. Brrrr!
Timi said…
Welcome back! Wish the weather would have been better for you. I think at this time with this move you are a neighbor. Snohomish? Monroe?
Thank you for leaving a comment today on my blog. It's always fun to know what people think. It's been Marriage Test 2008 around her for sure. However it's moved in to 2009.
I'm sooooooooooo in on going to the Goodwill! I swear as soon as I can get my car out of the garage I'm going to run that little thing until there is no tread left on the tires!
YOU HAVE TO MOVE AGAIN???? I'm annoyed for you! Will it be in the same area or some place completely different? I would be sitting in a corner crying wanting my mother if I was you. Like in the movie Overboard. Golide Hawn sitting in the chair going Blah blah blah, sitting and staring in to space.
Hope you get your stuff and are feeling better soon.
Lauren said…
I think Chehalis needs to be on your "to go" list... this cold girl misses you guys!!!
Miss Charity said…
BRRRR...I hear ya, lady! Why can't this mess go AWAY yet? I'm in if it's on Tues or Wed. I go to the Dermatologist on Mon. & Neuro on Thurs. Yipee :)
Random Thoughts said…
Welcome to Washington or, as I suspect, have we been transported to North Dakota or Minnesota without realizing it. Central Market sounds like a good idea. We are also going to do the 30 days after the kids go back to school. I am not brave enough to do it when they are all here. Hope your throat feels better. As for getting warm, even those of us who haven't been in AZ are feeling the chill but its supposed to be 50 on Wednesday! woo hoo! Hope I get to see you soon!
Deb said…
What is Central Market? Hope this snow hasn't ruined too many plans.
Lateda said…
10. Cold house. I LOVE it. Although 80's house was better:)
9. Strep throat has not bitten us yet. I think we are out of the woods.
8.Cant wait to see the guests! Can I come over to Cold house for a sleepover too?
7.School tomorrow! yipee! Lets get starbucks!
6.Timi.. she is hilarious!
5. Ging. Oh' how I miss that ugly little thing.
4. Central Market here we come!
3. 30 days of partying!
2. I had such a blast.. singing and dancing to Beyonce in the kitchen. The movers really did think I was crazy! weird.
1. Get over it. You act like you never experienced this before. ha!
and to end this.. I must say that I love actually being PART of your lists now.. Ive missed you so much! cheers!

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