Communication Breakdown..

One recent evening while Zach was in WA and I was still in AZ I was texting Jeff Gokee (good friend who just happens to be the boys youth pastor) in the middle of our texting frenzy I had the grand idea to remind Zach to call Jeff when he got a chance, so I sent Zach this text.."hon, when you get a chance you REALLY need to call Jeff Gokee, you are the worst at long distance relationships!" A few minutes later I received a message from Jeff..not the hub, that said, "What?" Oh snap! I knew immediately what I had done..scrolled through my sent box and sure enough I had sent the text about Jeff to Jeff..nice. This of course could have been much much worse..I mean Zach had been gone for numerous days at this could have been..

"Hon, I sooo can't wait for you to come home it feels like you've been gone FOREVER! When you get back...
**THIS PORTION HAS BEEN EDITED FOR ADULT CONTENT** oh..and how was your day at work?"

Really it could have been very bad..not to mention that this is my children's youth pastor!! OMG!!! After we all had a very good laugh at MY expense, Jeff said he really wished he had gotten the other kind of text..he would have never let me live it down. Oh great, yet another Strehle story to be used as a sermon illustration!
This got me thinking about communication, or rather the lack of real communication. You know the kind that I'm referring to..sitting across the table from one another sharing food, coffee, glass of wine, limoncello..whatever and just getting to know that other person, hearing their story. It's easy in this age to think we are actually communicating with people when in fact, it really is very shallow type of communication. Some days I feel like all I do is communicate, but have I actually had a convo about anything that truly matters? Anything that could even remotely be considered eternal? Deep? Meaningful?
No I don't think commenting on your facebook is the same:)
What makes for good communication? Depth is good, you know..laughs, love, tears, politics and of course, religion. These all lead to real communication, real relationships.
You can't twitter those.
This week think of a person (or two) call em up (I like pasta and Starbucks) and invite them over for a little chat, talking is really so much better in person.

Now I better get going..I have to check my facebook:)


Random Thoughts said…
Pasta and Starbucks, Is there a place that does those together? That would be a great place. Loved the story. Hope to see you soon.
Anonymous said…
I can go on and on about how perfect my life is for me but that is one thing that really is lacking. I guess it takes effort - actually, more effort when you have relocated, as you know!
Amber Rose said…
Oh how I wish there was a place that served Starbucks and Pasta..I would sooo be there!! HA!
Anonymous said…
Oh how I have sent messages to the wrong people! Not a fun feeling. So I have to know, are you flooded out now? We cringe every time we see the weather story as we are putting on our flip flops to run a quick errand. I'm sure I can locate a nice house in an Amberish neighborhood for you. Just let me know. amy
Lateda said…
I must say I dont have a problem with communicating "deeply"with anyone. Oh' wait, you dont mean sharing your entire life story in the Starbucks line with the stranger infront you in 5 whole minutes, do you?
Well. I usually try to keep it short and sweet:)
Anonymous said…
whats lemoncello?
Amber Rose said…
ok it's limoncello (i corrected it)..and it's yummy..and if you are not being a smarty pants and really don't know what it is then google it:)
Miss Charity said…
Nice...I don't think I've actually done that yet...wait, maybe because the only person I text would be you ;) Give me a little more time and another person on my contact list and it'll happen. Talk about communication breakdown...guess I need more people to communicate w/ other than the 4 "J"s :)

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