The List...

AZ gf's in WA!! Represent..
Some cupcake love:)

10. My friend Jeff posted a super post..please do yourself a favor and go read it:)

9. Had a great visit with Anna and her hubby Greg this week. So fun!! We woke up to snow on Thursday, when your from AZ waking up too snow is a pretty big deal:)

8. Do you know that I have only 108 days before Paris??!!??

7. Zach lost his wedding ring on Thursday in the city..kinda bummed us both out for some reason.

6. Speaking of wedding rings..we are coming up on our 13th anniversary.

5. That means my baby twin boys will be 12 in May, dear Lord help me.

4. I just finished a couple of really good books: The Soloist-a homeless guy and his reporter friend, just made into a movie..good read.
Sandition-This was Jane Austen's last novel, she got sick and was unable to finish. It was finished by another author. You can tell when Jane stops and the other lady starts up, but it's still super good and very much still a Jane Austen novel.

3. Isabelle has won a Hawk Award of the month for February. Funny cuz that is only her second month at this school, yay for Sis!!

2. I'm totally obsessed with this blog. One day when I grow up I want to take pictures just like this.

1. So my last post (the fab picture of tuplips) was my 150th post.

What does a 150th post mean??
A 150th post GIVE-AWAY!!!
Shoot me a comment (or two) and you could be the proud new owner of that very same print all framed and fancy.
I will draw names on Wednesday.
All you blog stalkers out there..leave a comment..come on!!

Your welcome.


Anonymous said…
Sorry about the ring thing - I would be incredibly bummed myself. At least it wasn't yours! I lost a diamond in mine when we were moving and I just got it fixed and back on my finger last week.

Congrats on # 1.5.0.
Wendy Girl said…
Me Me Me..
I have to have some of your art framed....Congrats on the 150

Brad finally told me he really hates his ring. (Always falling off cuz of Gloves and construction stuff) So he is going to get it Tattoed on. Weird considering he hates them. O well, I think its cool.
Wendy Girl said…
I am laughing...
I didnt see your TWITTER thing about the fence... You have to admit it was really funny..Mean guy and all.
Lauren said…
Congrats on #150... time sure flies. I've enjoyed every single blog!!

Way to go sis! Give her a giant 'congrats hug' from me!
Random Thoughts said…
Hi Amber, I love the tulip picture so count me in. I am so happy you had a great week with friends. I had a wonderful time catring a wedding for Tricia's now ex-roomate. Such fun! I hope we are done with snow!!
DebS said…
Congratulations on your new blogging heights - and to being married for almost 13 years. Both are amazing feats!
And, I love the picture of the tulips. I think it would go lovely with the paint that is still in the can sitting in the corner of the living room :(
Lateda said…
uuuhhh.. whats UP with my hair in that picture???
Hope you are ready to give me a GIVEAWAY! I will be looking forward to it... :)
Anonymous said…
Couldn't leave without a comment. Love the tulip picture. Very Amberish. It would look great next to my framed "I was never meant to work" coctail napkin! 150! Wow! Did you have a cupcake to celebrate?!! ao
Timi said…
You have been so busy! Sorry to hear about the wedding ring. That is a bummer. Especially if it's his original. Love your pictures. I want to know where that cute little pink blouse came from.

I didn't know you were a Coupville girl. I'm a Skagit Valley Girl. Bow Edison specifically. I miss it sometimes. The Hubs lived in Oak Harbor when I met him and I almost ended up living over there. THANK GOD for The Lazy B offering him a job. I got to stay where I'm centeral to the action.
Anonymous said…
Did you girls knit those hats together?
Johnna Sutton said…
Happy 150th birthday!

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