The List...

10. What is fat-free half-n-half??

9. Being the Montessori family that we are, we have never up until this past week, have had report cards. My four kiddos were very stressed out over this new adventure. All turned out well and they decided that they really don't like the pressure of grading..oh to live in a Montessori world.

8. Let's talk about Flickr..lets talk about how much Amber adores this web-site and how she is fully addicted to it..I hope it does not replace my love of the blog.

7. I miss being tan, I had forgotten how white I really am.

6. I also miss wearing my sunglasses 24/7 do you know how much morning prep can be avoided with the aid of sunglasses?? Alot.

5. Yesterday we tried out church #9, yes that means we have visited 9 churches since the move. We have issues.

4. Oh I'm soo ready for spring break, but I think they need to rename it sprinter break..just for me:)

3. I received an email that went something like this.."Dear parents, yes you signed your child up for softball, but as of right now we have no one to coach the team."
You all know where this one is going don't you?
Oh the things we do for our kiddos.

2. Registered the twins last week for 7th grade.
How surreal is that?
I do have a little bit of a confession to make..I was very disappointed that neither one of my boys wanted to enroll in band. Here all this time I've been looking forward to reliving my very exciting band years (truly it was the most fun I had in school) they are the kind of "bandish" boys (not sportish) and yes I thought we would all have great bandish times together..**sigh** They did give me a consolation when I told them about my disappointment.."Mom you know, the other two might want to join band." Oh Yay!! There is still hope!!

1. Did I just really type that..
Shad and Dylan are going to be in 7th grade??
Lord give me strength.


Anonymous said…
Are you coaching soft ball? If you are then I am so incredibly excited for you. That means you're IN CHARGE - you should slide into that roll quite well.

What do you love so much about Flickr? Am I missing something wonderful?
Wendy Girl said…
Coach Zach? Coach Amber?
You think your stressed out now?
Wait till the parents start yelling at you. They cant take the time to coach, but they will sure tell you how to do it.
Loving the picts by the way..

P.S. Try Signing up for college classes!! I am younger than you!!!
Anonymous said…
Give it up with the band thing. I was in choir and ended up with the magician. Those boys just saved themselves. amy
Mrs. A said…
I miss being tan too, girl! Winter is the pits! But, spring is springing! Amber, you are an amazing sister to a great friend of mine. Thank you for sending me birthday blessings and surprises! I am so touched, honestly, I am truly appreciative of your generosity and creativity! I feel so blessed to have gotten so many adorable things! Lots of love, Mya
Johnna Sutton said…
band kids are freaks!

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