The List..Zach style.

To honor our upcoming 13th anniversary here is my top ten things about Zach.

10. He loves to vacuum.

9. He gives the best gifts.

8. He was my high school sweetheart.

7. He is a man of integrity.

6. On our road trip this past summer anytime I asked him to stop for me to take pictures..he did.

5. He is one of the best fathers I know.

4. He loves God first.

3. He loves the beach just about as much as I do.

2. Hmm how should I put this ...(this is not one of those kind of blogs).
Let's just say boots will always be parked right under our bed:)

1. He has given me the most very important people in my life..
Strehle Kids.


tinkerverve said…
Ahhh! Have a great Anniversary not-so-getaway. both do a great job @ making those beautiful kids.
Wendy Girl said…
Zach you rock..You Too Amber.
Happy Anniversary Guys.
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary!! It only gets better. ao
Lauren said…
One of my favorite Zach memories - He was the best Sunday school teacher. We always had a blast when he taught us... plus he would take us to Vinaccio. Who in there right mind wouldn't love that?!
Anonymous said…
It only gets better my a- -! OK just kidding. Wow the big 13, most excellent. Congrats! And I guess I won't come a knockin' cuz obvisiously your house is a rockin'. rrrrow rrrrow
Miss Charity said…
Happy Anniversary Guys!
Johnna Sutton said…
You both are really good at taking pictures with one hand!
Anonymous said…
Hey, I was wondering why you didn't post a picture of the actual nuptials?! I'm sure everyone would love to see!!ao

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