The List...

10. Normally I don't post about such things, but this whole Rihanna thing is really disgusting. I'm sure she does not even realize the message she is sending to thousands of young girls across the world. It's ok to get the crap kicked out of you..then go back to the guy who did it.

9. Zach brought two pairs of my boots to this boot repair guy that came highly recommended. Can I just say that for 32 bucks this guy made my 6 year old boots look brand new!! Made my dang day.

8. 3 books in one week..wondering why I have so much housework today..
7. Chalk #8 up to yet another one of Amber's coping skills..along with eating..nice.
I wish my coping skills were starvation and too much exercise.

6. I did not run into anything this week Starbucks..I'm soo dang proud of myself.

5. One of the books I read was horribly disturbing. I don't often read books that are scary. I get..well..scared of course!!
It has just been made into a movie, it's called The Road.
Now I'm all freaked out.

4. Miss Elaine sent me the very sweetest little package in the mail..with a little something from Anthro..just cuz. Can I just tell you how much I love the "just cuz" kind of mail.

3. Swappy Ladies..spring is near..

2. I have thought up a name for this time of year here in Washington. Us Washingtonish type people get all excited because really it's been gray and rainy since about October 15..we get our hopes up that spring is just around the corner..but really it's not. Really spring lasts until the 4th of July. So now I call this time..
Sprinter..not quite spring and not quite winter..Sprinter..I kinda like it:)

1. Lately I just love Saturdays..gloriously free of any expectations or destinations..oh to live a life of Saturdays.


DebS said…
I like "Sprinter" - clever name. It is quite a unique season - beautiful and sunny yesterday, yet snowing this morning.
Anonymous said…
I like "Sprinter" too. As long as it doesn't include
tinkerverve said…
Bella's smile is perfect ~ Zach's is...well, Zach's!
Glad that you liked the {little} goody package.
Miss Charity said…
Perfect word "Sprinter!" Your so brainy...and you don't think your crafty? What? Who wants to be crafty when they could be artsy like you and take awesome photos and say neat things like "Sprinter"? Huh? Tell me that... :)
Wendy Girl said…
Sprinter is good...
Yeah Swappy Goodness, I am excited.

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