The List..Angry Parent Style

Here is my top ten most irritating things about having kids in school and sports.

10. Your child will
so calm down...he/she is only 8.

9. Scholastic book orders. Twice a year sure...every other day not ok. Yes I want my kids to read..but I can get all the books I need for FREE at the library. Do you know how many trees you killing with all those dang flyers.

8. Speaking of killing trees...
Every single day all four of my children bring home soooooo many papers. Do they learn anything anymore that is NOT on a worksheet??

7. More dead trees..
Yearbooks for elementary school..WHAT??? So I need to kick down 15 bucks per child for them to have a yearbook for 3rd grade?? Add that up for every year of school..thats like 5 billion dollars in yearbooks.

6. We had 8th grade graduation..then 12th grade graduation..
Now..Pre-school, Kindergarten, 5/6th grade, 8th grade and finally 12th..but of course by then who cares.

5. FUNDRAISING!! I'm tired of WHORING out my adorable children to raise money. No my parents don't want popcorn, or magazines or kitten sweaters.

4. Sports FUNDRAISING!! I paid ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY DOLLARS for my daughter to play on your want me to fund raise on top of that? But how will I ever have enough time when we are at practice 7 days a week for the 8 year old softball team.

3. Where did all the art and music classes go??
Now I have to have my kid to school at 6 am if they want to be in band.
Oh yeah you think your kid is going to go pro..

2. Why do you let your 10 year daughter dress that way?
She has a bright future ahead of a stripper.

1. RESPECT or rather the lack of it.
That sure is going to work out when you grow up and have to get a job.

Thanks I feel much better now.


Johnna Sutton said…
I got to #5 and had to go put a MAXI on! SOOOO fricken funny and totally true! Because I have childhood issues....I always buy books from the book order!
Life's Delish said…
So glad I am not the only parent that feels this way. I am in full agreement with half...the other half I just haven't experienced yet. I can hardly wait:)!
Miss Charity said…
Whoa...Nelly...your on a roll, sister! Give that lady a pat on the back, well said if I do say so myself. Now, I must go clean up puke...Jaycee is throwing up :)
Wendy Girl said…
I love the 10yr old stripper look.
Just wait, sis will want to dress that way too (I know you wont let her) Public school is always the best place to find the latest Fredricks of Hollywood look for little girls...
Fundraising...We have always boycotted it, except for box tops..I pay enough fricken taxes.
Random Thoughts said…
Wow, I almost missed this one. Great job. I don't even have children at school but feel manipulated by them. How do you tell a kid you aren't going to buy their cookie dough? It's not fair.
Tamis said…
I stumbled on your blog and love this post...what about PE, they don't do that anymore either--and the yearbooks. My husband and I were just wondering why the elementary yearbooks. I just ordered 3 of them...because of course they can't share!
You nailed it on each and every point! I am a fan now!
Love your photography. I imagine you have some super high end SLR?
Amber Rose said…
I'm glad to know that I'm not the only parent around that feels this way!!!
No my camera is not a super high end SLR just a medium end SLR you can find one on craigslist for around 300:)

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