Friday Fav...

I was having coffee with a gf today and we were (happily) interrupted by another friend who was asking me questions about blogging..

In this conversation about blogging it was mentioned that she liked my Friday Fav and that I don't do it consistently enough.

Really it's because the only thing I do consistently is eat good food and drink coffee..pretty much everything else is hit and miss with me.

So I better get off my coffee drinking bootie and offer up a Friday fav..right Charity?;)

It's pretty cliche to say that Annie Leibovitz is my Friday favorite. Personally as an emerging photographer I should name some random hardly heard of guy that only a really really super duper serious photographer would know who I'm talking about..yeah..that kinda guy should serve as my inspiration.

(side note..I'm totally OBSESSED with Mickey Rourke..not in a I think he's hot kinda way, but in a wow you are such a different, crazy not normal guy kinda way)

But I'm of the generation that grew up with Annie and since I've always loved all things media related and have always been a news hound..I followed her long before I had found the camera.

It seems like every picture tells a story, I'm sure that every person who looks at her pictures might even read a different story than myself. There is sooo much depth to every photo, you might first look at it and see something, a hand in a certain place, a smirk..the next time you will notice another thing about the photo..and so on and so on.

I admire that the subject feels so relaxed, so confidant that no matter what they are doing, they are trusting is all just so real.

My fav's are her photos of Mick Jagger and The Queen. Just amazing.

Umm just realized that most of these photos are of coincidence..really..promise:)


Miss Charity said…
Very cool...I had never much looked at her photography. Thanks for sharing, I've now looked at some of her shoots- AMAZING! See, if you hadn't blogged about her on your Friday Fav...I may never have had the pleasure of experiencing her work :)
Timi said…
I'm a big fan of her photography also. I once saw a special about her and how she photographed the Queen. It was so interesting. I have seen a few specials about her and each time I get more interested.

I'm with you in her talent to get people to let down their gaurd. It's truly and art.
We should meet at Barnes and Noble one day for coffee and treats (because that's the only thing I'm consistant with also) and sit and look at photography books.
lulu said…
Do I know you in real life? I love your blog, I think that may be the first time I have ever left that comment.

Are those 2 kids yours? Very funny, can I have them?

I am your new creepy janitor, I'll be keeping my eye out for you my pretty and your children to. OX Linda/Luluz
Amber Rose said…

We met only once, I'm Timi's official Junk photographer:) AND you are one funny lady..or should I say one funny creepy janitor?;)
Wendy said…
I love Annie!
My favorite is Whoopie Goldburg in a tub of Milk.. Great pict.

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