This Thanksgiving I feel a little overwhelmed..

Not overwhelmed with the time, too much to do, school, Christmas, parties, trying to obtain perfection..or at least make sure I give the impression of perfection..

No it's different this year.

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude..really I have it pretty stinking good..roof over my head, food on my Thanksgiving table, health, employment, freedom to pretty much say and do anything I want to do..


Of course these peeps are on the top of the list...

Just overwhelmed.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.


Tamis said…
What great reasons to be thankful! Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Enjoy!
Life's Delish said…
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Enjoy. My parents are visiting from Arizona so we get to have a bit of home. Let's touch base soon. Loves.
Lauren said…
I'm thankful for all those people too... as well as the lovely lady that was behind the camera :)

See you Tomorrow! :D
tinkerverve said…
that is certainly the good kind of 'overwhelmed' - I too can so quickly become overwhelmed by God's goodness ~ His goodness is quite abundant!
AuroraSuzette said…
What great reasons to be thankful. Me too, for mine! Hope your day was all you wanted it to be!

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