A thrifty Tuesday..

Oooh cute shoes! (Goodwill 3.99..never been worn)

I have not blogged for a while about thrift store shopping. I'm such a sucker for the thrill of the hunt! While shopping at cute boutiques and Anthro run right up there with my fav's..I still crave Goodwill..such mystery..such possibilities!

Have I ever told you how I found a pair of Prada shoes at the downtown Seattle Goodwill?? It was several years back..
I let out a gasp..and looked around kinda like Gollum guarding his precious ring.

"It's mine, my precious." I hissed at the lady in the aisle across from me.

I turned around and sold those bad boys on e-bay (before craigslist) for a TON of money..I paid 8.99 for em..now I wish I had kept them..shoot.

I also have lots of stories about the "colorful" people that I've had the pleasure of meeting at various thrift stores through out the years..

Once there was a janitor that had been kinda creeping me out and following me around the store. It was a very rare evening out with The Dish and my newborn. At the time I was really really postpartum and burst into tears when I realized my new baby's heirloom blanket must have fallen off the car seat and was missing.

"I know that bad janitor stole it Trisha!" I sobbed.

"Ok I'm going to get it..and him!" She then turned heel, made a beeline to creepy janitor man.

"Give me the blanket..now!" The Dish firmly said, all puffed up like a cat trying to make herself appear larger.

The man then sheepishly reached into the rack of clothing where he had for some strange reason stashed the blanket.


But please don't let this deter you from all the treasures you might just find..
the good out weighs the uncomfortable..like 95% of the time.

Ok dear bloggy peeps tell me your favorite thrift store story.

I will post my favorite story along with some link love to your blog next Tuesday.


Lateda said…
That is BY far my FAVORITE story! I got a good 10 minute laugh remembering this one!
and I will never forget his creepy eye. (one eye.. freaky!)
But second place HAS to to be the cross dresser in Goodwill dancing in the "cha cha heels" and stalking us in the store so that we could SEE his new FINDS:) ha! Oh the stories of Goodwill:) We need to get going on that BOOK!
Life's Delish said…
I don't have a crazy story. Though at a recent trip to Goodwill I was standing at the register buying crafty stuff I don't need but love and decided to use a card from one of my really old Az accounts. It was denied and in the moment I am deciding which other card to use the man in line behind me hands me cash and offers to pay for my stuff. I was so embarrassed because this man is obviously buying things he needs and I am buying vintage sheets. I was finally able to convince him that I really did have the money but appreciated his thoughtfulness. I walked away a bit embarrassed but also reminded that there really are alot of good people in this crazy world.
Lauren said…
My favorite moments go farther back than my relationship with you. When I was in elementary school, my mom would take us to Goodwill in Centralia (where Elizabeth would promptly announce she had to go to the bathroom... every time). My favorite part of these trips was turning down the book isle. We would go through every single book and, if my memory serves me right, we were allowed to choose up to 5 books. I still have some of these books! Many of them cost less than a candy bar, but they have certainly lasted longer :)

(BTW - I don't need any 'tag lovin'. I never update my blog. I just wanted to share :) )
AuroraSuzette said…
I love the Goodwill too, and while I've snared some great stuff, Prada shoes? Wow. You done good, girl. My only story involves paying for a sweater my daughter had brought with her, but we couldn't prove it. No police record though, so it's all good.
Timi said…
Great stories! What a fun blog post. I was once at a garage sale where the people having the garage sale called the police on a lady there and had her hauled off. Donna and I stood there laughing so hard. Who gets hauled off from a garage sale by the cops???
I need to be better about keeping up with blog reading!


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