The List...

This picture calms me..
You know..I struggle now with only posting just the perfect pic here on my blog..I mean I'm claiming I take pictures for a I can only post perfection ..right? Well no wrong, this should be a place for me to post this picture is of whatever..why did I take it? It made me smile and be thankful for all that I you can see I'm not a fan of the "all shades of white look"..No I need color..and lots of it:)

10. I'm having a good week:)

9. I feel more grounded than I've felt in a very very long time, while at times this can scare me almost as much as feeling uprooted, I'm very much liking the feeling right now.
I can honestly give only one reason for this calm feeling..My Creator.

8. Are you having one of those bad Mommy days?? Do you want to make yourself feel better?
Check this..

I threw Twin B's science project on Saturday..the only problem with this is the science fair was this Tuesday.

Was Zach busily trying to recreate the bridge for the science fair before he left for work?

You know it.

After forgetting Silas at Kindergarten last year, this is a close second to winning the most derelict parent award for 08/09. Yeah I'm pretty awesome like that.

7. I was wondering if a girl can EVER own too many black dresses? I'm pretty sure that the shopping voices in my head told me no..not ever.

6. I've decided that I'm going to turn the room that Mona is hanging in, into a full on Mona Lisa room..that being said I'm on the look out for ANYTHING Mona..
I spied a Mona Lisa with a pirate patch painted on... I'm pretty sure I must acquire her quickly.
Zach is super stoked about my decision.

5. Our desk top computer finally bit the dust. We have had it for almost eight years. I'm thinking it's about time to upgrade to a Mac.. (and no I did not secretly sabotage it).

4. Can't wait for some Turkey..yum. Last year we enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving in AZ with good we are in WA and they are in, life can sure change fast.

3. The very best part of my week was when 12 year old Twin B came up and gave me a kiss on the forehead for no reason.

2. I'm pretty stoked for the day after Thanksgiving. Nothing planned but leftovers, Bing Crosby and's almost better than Christmas morning.

1. I feel like ending the list with a quote...

I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by losing.
Anais Nin


lulu said…
In my 20s I went thru such a Anis Nin phase. Oh I was so dreadful. Love the quote tho.
Anonymous said…
I've known for years that you are a very devoted and natural mom...after spending a few days with you, even witnessing the the dreaded "I can't believe I threw away my kid's science project" day, I KNOW that you're a great mom! Don't forget it!
junkrescuerbeth said…
Love the beautiful quote.

It takes me close to a week to decorate our house and big tree for Christmas. I love every minute of it! So I can certainly appreciate how excited you are for the day after Thanksgiving to let it rip.

Beth of Salvage Studio
Timi said…
I was sitting here with my pink Chapsgirl mug full of tea reading your blog thinking......ths mug really is a happy mug. Everytime I use it I think of all the fun I have had with my blogging friends, how it has made me a different person and I have met some really FANTASTIC people like you.
Great post!
Happy Turkey Day! Eat lots, and enjoy the day.

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