The List..Pre Christmas Style

Now before you jump down to reading the list..I wanna give a shout out to all (um 4) of who left a comment on my Goodwill post.

The Dish-Or course she left a comment, she was the star of the story!! BUT she did add one thing that I had forgotten..the creepy janitor man only had ONE EYE!! Oh that totally takes the story to the next level..your right we do need to write that book!!

Anna- Oh her story was very very sweet!! Plus it made me smile, because I can just picture her trying to explain to the nice man behind her that she is not destitute and really can afford some old sheets..I wish I could have been a fly on the way for that one:)

Lauren- Even though she will not tell me where it is..I hear she has a secret blog.

Aurora Suzette- Paying for a sweater you brought in with you!?! HA! I guess the only thing worse than that is when I stood there contemplating if I should buy back something I had donated..I'm sick.

Thanks ladies for the comments!!

Ok on to the list....

10. EGG NOG!!! My kids have always asked me what the nog is in egg nog..I just say it's a secret yummy goodness...

9. Today I was in Target and they had the Christmas decorations up..and it made me smile from the inside.

8. I've heard chatter from some of my peeps this year about making this a bit of a homespun Christmas..I'm thinking that is a good if only I can get my boys to appreciate decoupage.

7. Christmas music?? Zach forbids it till Thanksgiving.

6. Speaking of Christmas music... It's pretty public knowledge in the Strehle circle that Zach hates (and no that is not wording it too strongly) the song Christmas in the Northwest.
In fact a few years ago when our twins were still at that, "you should not say that out loud phase" (ok so maybe they are still in that). We had a little situation at church involving this song...During the church Christmas special a young sweet lady was up on stage preparing to sing, as soon as the intro music started twin A blurted out,



But the best part of him hating the song so much is that every year we get at least 3 phone calls from one of my gf's signing the song on the other's just too much fun to watch Zach moan from deep inside while we all laugh mercilessly at him... I'm pretty excited for that this year.

5. I purchase kitchy Christmas decorations all year round. I always have a drawer or a cuppord devoted to my Christmas booty..over the years my friends have jumped on the band wagon as well..It seems little kitchy Christmas items roll in all year round..
Like these..

4. Every time I watch Elf I laugh even though I know Buddy is going to answer the phone saying,

"Buddy the Elf, whats your favorite color?"

It still feels like the first time.

3. Sew Mama Sew is hosting Handmade for the Holidays. There are sooo many very fun handmade ideas!! And not just sewing either, otherwise I would not be excited about it..cuz I'm never very excited to sew.

2. How early is too early for decorations? You know it is my dream to one day own a cabin that we keep decorated for Christmas all year round..just imagine tinsel trees and kitchy Christmas all year round **sigh**.

1. Goodwill toward Men!!
I love the spirit of Christmas. I have not always loved it, or always looked on the bright side of it either. BUT when I put myself in that mind set and think about how stinking blessed I am, I just can't help but want to everyone to feel the same way..yes I guess with age I'm becoming that women who wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and wears Christmas sweaters and says things like,

"Silent Night gets me every time." With tears streaming down her cheeks.

I guess there are worse things right?

I will leave you with this little number.. Just try and see if you can make it through the jazzy intro without puking in your mouth a little..just try.


Anonymous said…
I've never heard that song before but I'm with Zach. Couldn't even finish it. I'm so ready to decorate for Christmas. My Halloween decorations are still hanging around and driving me crazy. I have a friends who's brother's wife has their house decorated in Christmas stuff all year. She just loves it and red and green. Jon won't let me listen to Christmas music yet either. ao
Anonymous said…
I have always loved that song...even long before Brenda got a hold of it. I'm just a NW kind of I get my 'green' wrapped up in snow.

I've listened to some Michael Buble' Christmas - I found it quite soothing!
Random Thoughts said…
I'm with Zach! Christmas in the Northwest is nauseating. Christmas is feeling a bit depressing this year. We move sometime around December 7, if it happens this time, (I'm beginning to wonder!). I don't know where we are landing and feel like I am going a bit crazy. But I live in Christmas hope, I bought an ornament just a couple weeks ago! Merry Merry Ho HO HO!
Oh Great, I HATE that song.

I literally threw up in my mouth a little bit when you mentioned it in your post... no WAY could I click on the video and listen. I flip the radio channel within the first three notes when it comes on. yiiiiiiich.

And I bet your Kitschy Christmas theme is absolutely Elf-worthy!
Miss Charity said…
Ooooh...pre-Christmas, I'm so loving you! Just day dreaming of the Christmas songs I will play the day-after-Thanksgiving gets me all giddy inside. I will even play Christmas in the Northwest and sing along for Zach!
Even though I don't collect that kitchy Christmas stuff, I love it because it reminds me of you everytime I come across it :)
I'm really gonna try for the homespun Christmas, just thinking about it makes my head spin though...
What I keep obsessing over is holiday food, for some reason all those delicious recipes keep bombarding my thoughts! I'm drooling as I type...I better go eat something...

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