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This past weekend I was apart of an event that really blew my mind..I mean like seriously. Yes, word on the street is all about Timi and her wonderful show. Although I can’t help but sit here and think about how all of this started..

Crazy thing..it all started with a blog.

One chance encounter on Craigslist and a blog land connection with Timi was made.
A few years later I received a message asking,

“I’m starting a company and I could really use a photographer, are you interested?”

Junk and photography?? Umm yes.

Lets take this whole adventure a few steps further and I will tell you that the whole reason Timi was inspired to start her own company was because of blogging. As she tells me..

“I was sitting in this big house, newly married and wondering what the heck I was going to do with myself, my friend Laura suggested blogging.. I was hooked.”

One inspiring blog led to another, soon she stumbled onto the Farm Chicks and really the rest is history.

This past weekend I watched 600 plus VERY excited women walk through the door of the first ever Come Junk with Us vintage inspired flea market.
So much laughter and happiness as newly found treasures made their way home.

So many big genuine smiles.

Saturday night as I laid my very weary head down, my heart swelled. I thought of happy ladies, really good junk and tasty food, but mostly it swelled for A girl named Timi, and her dream..well..actually.. make that her dream come true:)


Anonymous said…
NICE.ly written, my friend!
Shelly said…
Lovely insight and your photos, as always are awesome!!!

It was really fun! I found some great goodies and saw some blogging friends that I rarely see!

Thanks for sharing!

Have a great (albeit soggy) weekend!

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