The List

Pic from last spring..still love it:)

10. It's been a while..I'm in a creative "time-out". As in.. Amber can only go full speed for so long before the CRASH happens.

9. I recently read a little something that went like this...

If you surround yourself with negative will in turn become well..negative.


So I have to give a little shout out to some positive blog peeps...your sweet words were manna from heaven..thanks for being part of the positive:)

Teresa gave moi a sweet VERY unexpected shout out via this blog post. Thank You for making my day:)

Joy sent me the most wise email I've received in a while..Seriously, God packed this sweet little powerhouse with enough kindness for a whole city:)

Twig..I was feeling a little down..then I opened my inbox:)

8. The sister FINALLY got high-speed internet!! Seriously..I mean who in America still has dial-up??? If you follow me on twitter you might remember this tweet from last spring..
"My sister just called me and said, "I just found the coolest thing's called Google.""
Yes she really did that, and yes it was only LAST spring. Gosh I love that girl!

7. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty darn excited for this!!! Maybe it will pull me out of my creative time-out?? The Dish and I are going to car pool..crazy car antic photos soon to follow:)

6. I was at the dentist today with my two younger kiddos and read back to back articles about politicians that have cheated on their wives..made me puke in my mouth a little.

5. The kiddos are on spring break this week. Oooh we soo needed this break, I heart sleeping in.

4. Speaking of hot teachers (we were talking about that..right?) I had an unexpected surprise last week when I sat down with Twin B's English teacher. HOLY COW!!!! I actually got all flustered and stuff.... That should soo not be allowed..or at least he should have come with a

Don't wear your "period jeans" to this parent teacher conference...and remember you SHOULD wear some make-up to hide your flushed cheeks.. and when he says things like.. "Your son really is a gifted writer." You should be thinking about YOUR son..not what OUR sons might look like.

Ok naughty hot for teacher moment is over..we resume regularly scheduled programming..

3. If you have not been over to the photog need to go check out the pic's from Heather's em.

2. Man, I'm all about the links this list.. I guess I've discovered the art of "not really blogging, but looking like I'm actually blogging by just linking everyone." I'm so clever:)

1. When I don't know how to end a post I find a quote (great now you know ALL my blogging secrets)

“If you only do what you know you can do- you never do very much.”

Tom Krause


Auntie Joy said…
Hi Amber,
Hope you guys have a great Spring Break. I'm glad my long winded email made some kinda sense to you.
Twig said…
Aww you are so sweet! I love this list...I think I might have to make one for myself!! :)
Anonymous said…
I'm glad I know how CRAZY you are about your husband or #4 might really concern me!
So excited for #7 too!!!!
Johnna Sutton said…
I heart google! What's twitter?
nut or berry? said…
Okay, number 4, stinkin hilarious!!! Confirmation that being twitterpaited (Bambi) is a good thing every now and again! Is he single?

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