The List..Inspiration Style

My world around me is filled with such inspiration.

Inspirering me this week is..

10. Coco-Before Chanel.

Amazing movie!! Women who defy convention move me deeply.

Her saying something along the lines of,

"dress modestly, leave something to the's much better that way."

Oh SOOO beautifully french! Sooo NOT American..we who let our thong rise above our jeans and write Juicy in rhinestone across our arse.

9. Cherry blossoms. When I drive home I think I just might live on candy cane lane with cotton candy trees and lemon drop flowers.

8. Women I respect. You know who you are. No angle. No pretense. You are wonderfully secure in yourselves, making others around you shine.
You are truly beautiful inside and out.

7. Spring fashion! Oh I'm IN LOVE with the flirty dresses this of all?? Chubby girls can rock em.. LOVE THAT!:)

6. Love. In a U2 song Bono says, "I've had enough of romantic love." Now don't get me wrong, secretly I'm a deep romantic at heart..but as all of us married folk know the romance goes away..and there is this thing called life..and it can get a little daily..and it can get a little crazy (when you reproduce like bunnies).
Everyday I know that Zach loves me above all others. It may not always be pretty..but what a beautiful security his love brings..not the kind that the kind that sets you free.

5. Failure..
If I'm not failing, I'm not trying..not trying = death.
After failure..I REFUSE to hide in my self misery.
No I will again step out..
Failure means that I'm living..blood, snot, tears and all.

4. My dinner table. 5 out of the 7 nights a week my family and I sit down to dinner. Some nights its late and some nights its cereal. We close our eyes and thank our Maker for his provision, I take this deep breath in and know for just that moment the whole world is right.

3. Shooting (pictures) for pleasure. When someone hires me..there is expectation (of course). When it's just me and my camera I can point it at any crazy thing I want. It reminds me why I love looking through a lens.

2. Grace. Without it I would be lost. How much more inspiring is that?

1. Simplicity.
It's easy to find inspiration in glamour and glitz..but forcing myself to see the beauty inside the ordinary takes me just a little outside myself and it makes me realize that inspiration is truly everywhere, I just need to open my eyes.


Anonymous said…
I love that post - it's one of my favorites that you've ever written!
lulu said…
Amazing, you are a keeper. Wish I was as smart as you at your age, heck I wish I was as smart as you now. OX
mimi charmante said…
LOVE this list my friend.
simply perfect...
Miss Charity said…
Beautiful always...thanks for being such a great gf :) :) :)
Random Thoughts said…
I love this list and posted part of it as my status on Facebook. I did not ask permission and pray it is okay with you but it was perfect. I wrote a little in my journal about failure last night and you captured it perfectly! Bless you!
Auntie Joy said…
Hey Amber,
I was so happy to meet you this weekend. It seems like we have lots of connections, perhaps we are actually related?? I love your list, I must say ditto, I also love people who are willing to share their "real" self!
Hope you have a wonderful week!
I just stumbled onto your site. OMG I only had 5 min to speed read and check a few past posts... love. loVe. LovE.

I will add you to my favs and check often....the black and white cowboy boots....yikes! I want them.
I love them. Please share on how I could find a pair.


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