The Collection

Long long ago in blog land I was introduced to Timi.

I've said before, I believe God totally puts crazy incredible women in my life.
Timi is no exception..she has this natural ability to bring women together.
I've never met someone with more connections and more willing to share those connections with the people in her life.

It's pretty awesome.

Her upcoming show is just another way for her to share her connections. She really has brought some CRAZY good vendors together. I admire artists, people who love their craft, people who love to create. You will find all those types at this show. PLUS some really good food and some pretty rockin fun people.

It's gonna be a good one.

So here is the can print out this here coupon for 5 dollars off admission.

Now you don't have any excuse NOT to go. So there.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Thanks Amber! I feel the same way about you. I knew when I first met you "we need to be friends"
Being greedy with talent dosen't do anyone any good. If we all work together we will all be sucessful!
Sooooooooo excited you are part of this ride!
Thank you!

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