Please don't call PETA.

Honestly faithful blog readers (all 5 of you), the words are just not coming tonight. I'm spent,tired and just a touch run down. I do love spring, but it makes for one busy, busy Strehle house.

So instead I'm going to charm you with some baby chick pictures..I mean who can resist cute, fuzzy peeping chicks??

I know one creature that can't resist baby chicks..his name is Pepper and he is the most bad arse mouser in all the land.. it also so happens that maybe baby chicks look a little bit like mice?

In fact they might just so much look like mice that 4 Strehle children had to rescue 10 baby chicks just in the nick of time..maybe someone DID NOT listen to Mom's long lecture on why we need to keep the laundry room door shut, ok maybe it turned out later that MOM was the one who left the door open.. but really.. we should not blame anyone, because it all turned out ok.


All safe, sound and blow dried..

They just might have gotten a little wet, I mean Pepper thought they were mice and all... So what does one really guilty Amber do with 10 sopping wet baby chicks?? Well she blow drys them dry of course.

Because what chick does not feel better after a good blow dry?


Jill said…
Amber, so adorable. I would like to hold all of them, even the kitty...what a fun blog.
Anonymous said… sweet, except the Pepper part! enjoy
Miss Charity said…
Love, Love, Love it :) Maybe I should blog about my disastrous house...since the rest of the world is going down the drain really would cohere to the rest of the news
Johnna Sutton said…
You deal with chicks the same way you deal with your the chicks, your such a farm girl!

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