The List...Deep thoughts style.

A few pic's from the 2nd Saturday sale..a junkers paradise:)

Sorry for the delay in posting..not only have I been busy, but my mind has been in a bit of a jumble for a few weeks now. Lots of questions running through the noggin, so much so it's hard to sit down and write a here is what you get instead...

10. Why is death a reminder? Why can't we remember to cherish those around us without the sting of death?

9. Why do we rush our children into adulthood, only to be sad about seeing them grow up?

8. Why do we compare ourselves to others when we know God never made two of the same person?

7. Why do we put unrealistic expectations on the important people in our lives, then be so put out when they do not meet those expectations?

6. Why do we believe we actually know any celebrity?

5. Why do we believe we have any right at all to sit in judgement of another human?

4. Why is forgiveness so hard?

3. Why do I question God?

2. Why are women so stinking insecure?

1. Why am I so afraid of failure?

Just asking...


Anonymous said…
Funny that I visit on this post...

6. So Random
3. Because your human
2. See 3...Trust in God that you are Beautiful and More than Enough.
1. I think you should go Sky diving or something Crazy like that. Get out of your shell.

Just my thoughts......wb
lulu said…
I totally love the way you think.

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