Yes I should be editing photos...

But instead I'm blogging..shhh don't tell my boss.
It will be short..I promise.

It's a little hard to explain the highly overstimulating experience that is the Farm Chicks show.

It really is a little like the Oscars (I mean if I had ever gone and all) except with a lot of rusty stuff.

This show was no different. But for me there was one major difference.

I had a little reminder. It was a good kind of reminder.

Sometimes I forget that people are nice, that really they just might not have an angle or pretense, they are just lovely, creative souls that crave goodness in humankind just as much as I do.

These really are my favorite kind of reminders.

Thank You.

**Lots of pic's and a longer post soon to follow**


tinkerverve said…
I'm so anxious to see your photos, Amber!
.Twig. said…
SOOOO true. Look forward to your pictures, missy! Talk soon!

Mya said…
Me too!

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