Embracing 36

I'm all over you. I can't wait to meet you.

I have this feeling that you're going to be pretty amazing.

Your friend 35 was life changing, no pressure or anything.

36 feels right.

Like my spongebob pajama pants.

36 we are going to be bff's , I just know it.


Lateda said…
Yes. Embrace it.. creeping up to FORTY, I cant WAIT for that day. But more than anything, I love it that I will always be 4 years younger than you.
Random Thoughts said…
You will be bf's not bff's because it won't last forever. Just a year. But it sure sounds young to me! Wish I could go back in time!
Anonymous said…
Uh...ya....about those Spongebob PJ's....?????.....
Happy Birthday sweet girl!
Happy Birthday! 36 is so young. ;)

Thanks for stopping by my little blog. :)
Life's Delish said…
I just embraced 37. So far it feels pretty good. As have most of the 30 years. Now 40...we will have to see when it gets here and it will... very quickly!

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