The List (because it's been a while)

10. Does everyone get as introspective and I do around a birthday? It seems like the perfect time to get all deep on myself.

9. If you have a few minutes (like 15) watch this.

INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.

8. If you don't have 15 minutes then watch this..

Umm MAD skills here.

7. This fall in the NW has been sooo PRETTY..somedays I have to pinch myself!

6. Kiddos growing up..hard. Daughter growing up..close to unbearable.

5. Thanksgiving...makes my mouth water just thinking about stuffing.. can't wait.

4. A LOT of peeps are closing down their you think blogging is fading?? What would take it's place? Are you over it?? Even though I've been very lax lately on blogging I don't feel like I need to be done yet..hmm..see I'm all introspective..told ya.

3. So this week I tweeted thinking I was texting Zach..once again it's a good reminder to check and REcheck my text/tweets.. That could have gone WAAAAY worse....

2. Starting a Volleyball league back up again this week..LOVE hanging out with this group, these are my peeps and it makes me very happy to be with em:)

1. Current favorite quote..

"Joy is the best makeup."

Anne Lamott


Great quote! And always love your lists!
Miss Charity said…
Yep it sure is...Sephora has nothing on the concept of JOY!
I like the joy quote but I still need some makeup they sell at the store. :)

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