Thankful (a photo essay)

A little early Christmas kitch..gosh I love me some Santa mugs!
Busy hands are happy hands

Even the nipple lady gets dressed up for the holidays!

Scored this beauty my first year at Farm Chicks..It says Happy Thanksgiving in all of it's 50's kitch's my favorite part of Thanksgiving..well other than the stuffing:)

Day 3!

I'm thankful for

My Creative home.

Reason #1 - Nothing matches. I showcase what I love, not what is in style.

Reason #2 - My artistic tendencies flow into every single aspect of the house. Our table is a constant modge podge of paper scraps, colored pencils and various half painted projects.. I love it. I would not trade it for the world. (My OCD hubby would very much disagree with that last statement!)

Reason #3 - Other people come over and think its a little weird that I have a 3 foot tall picture of the Mona family does not even blink an eye.

You're jealous..just admit it:)


I'm glad to hear that others have messy tables full of paper scraps. :) My sons and I love to craft. My hubby's side of the table has lots of wire and electronic junk from his inventions.

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