Thankful (a photo essay)


I had another post already written for today, but come ON!! We have snow here in Western WA!!

Today I'm thankful that we get a snow day.

Reason #1 - I didn't have to make lunches this morning!!

Reason #2 - I slept in..glorious!!!

Reason #3 - My kiddos are FINALLY grown up enough to put on their snow clothes all by I've waiting like 13 years for this day.

It's the little things's the little things.

How do you feel about snow days???


tinkerverve said…
I love the pictures of Belle...especially with the group...
Mallory said…
These are awesome photos! I have to ask...what camera/lens did you use on these? I'm in the market to buy a new camera and am so undecided. I'd love to know!

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