The List (Thankful Style)

There is something so dang sexy about a man after he has finished washing dishes..

Good day. This pictures makes my heart happy.

10. So did you stuff yourself silly?? I sure did! Umm a diet is on the horizon for Amber..bummer.

9. LOVE this song..and I'm pretty sure I love the video even me some retro shaky camera work. Oh and I'm officially putting out the search for (bearded,hipster) friends (preferably NOT stoned out of your mind) that will travel around with me in large groups making cool videos..wanna join me?

8. Help-Portrait next Saturday! Pretty stoked to be apart such a great day once again.

7. I decided this year that I like Thanksgiving more than Christmas. There is not one expectation for Thanksgiving other than eating turkey and hanging with peeps you love. Sadly this is NOT the case when it comes to Christmas, when did we mess it up so much?

6. I CAN'T believe we had snow on Thanksgiving!! FUN!!
(fun yes, am I ready to lock the kiddos out the house after being home unexpectedly for a week? Big yes.)

5. I'm kinda in love with this easy tutorial from the fabulous peeps over at Design Sponge...Even good for us non-sewers.Great Christmas present idea!!

4. I'm super impressed with myself. I scored the PERFECT Strehle Christmas card shot during our snow storm..many of you will remember the fiasco that accompanied our attempt at a Christmas card shot LAST year. This year not only did I trick the kiddos into posing I shot it BEFORE like I said IMPRESSIVE.

3. Yes I shafted you on the Thanksgiving photo essay. Yes I pretty much am in the business of letting my dear blog reader down. I'm sorry. That turkey totally distracted me.

2. Christmas marketing that I'm digging so far this year??
Starbucks, LOVE their cups. Also the crazy Target shopper lady..genius, yet at the same time..creepy:)

1. "Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts."
Henri Frederic Amiel


Miss Charity said…
I would have to completely agree with doing dishes = SEXY!!!

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