Beauty in the desert

We moved in late June last year. By the time we were here the temperatures were in the low 100's and everything that was not watered was dead. Every time one of you from home would call me I would lament about the deadness..the desert, the heat. The lack of beauty compared to home was frankly a little overwhelming. After spending almost a year here, I can say I'm starting to adjust..and luckily have found beauty. Enjoy.


Life's Delish said…
Your photos are gorgeous. Gabriel just informed me that Silas says you really have eyes in the back of your head. Love it!!
tinkerverve said…
Great pics and beauty...very different from home but beauty all the same. God's wonderful creation!
The Dish said…
wow! I have to say it doesn't give me that warm and fuzzy feeling like tulips and daffodils.. but I see the desert beauty in those pictures... WAY to embrace it girl!
I am embracing SNOW.. now, THAT is beautiful in April! Don't be jealous now..

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