You know kids have a way of bringing out truth in most situations, I'm not talking about "Did you take a cookie?" kinda truth but the black and white truth we loose as adults. The truth that after living a while in this world seems to fade.. It's no secret that this year has been hard on the kiddos, big change for the Strehle's, but God has had his hand on us the whole time and it's very cool when your kids can experience this. Shad has really had a difficult school year, half he brings on himself, the other half is circumstances. Yesterday he was doing laps in gym class, there were two boys behind him and they started to talk loudly about Shad, in a not nice manner. Shad turns around and said, "Just so you know, I'm a child of God and nothing you can say about me matters." Seriously? My 10 year old did this?? If I as an adult was in this situation would I have enough faith to say the same thing?? I'm not so sure. I cried..alot when this story was retold by his brother (who of course witnessed the whole thing). I can totally learn a lesson in faith, boldness, and courage from this 10 year old boy, who just happens to be my very own son. So here's to Shadrach, who arrived in this world almost 11 years ago, thanks for being my hero of the day.


Anonymous said…
I'm having a hard time typing because for some reason my eyes are really wet! Sweet note. Those kids are adorable and I miss them too much.
Lateda said…
aww. that is so sweet... what a testimony to others.
Anonymous said…
I must be related to that Tinker gal... I had the same reaction!

Miss you guys, can't wait to see you next week!

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