I got it!!

This past month I have had the pleasure of being a part of the awesome, first ever "Swappy Ladies" swap!! What a joy it has been. My sis said to me "it was so much fun to make stuff for this, then the bonus is you actually get something in return!" My thoughts exactly!! Today the mail-lady brought me a very happy Monday indeed!!

Cute pictures!! How very fun, the perfect way to usher in spring! (bad glare)

Cute hand crafted jewelry! What more can a girl ask for...a purse!!

The picture does not do the bag proper justice, vintage buttons, hand-crafted beading..so fun, so Amber! Yippee!! What a great swap, thanks ladies for being part of this very "swappy" swap;)


tinkerverve said…
Very fun! It's interesting as women how we love to receive gifts. It's just part of how we are made. It makes us feel special and loved!
Life's Delish said…
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Life's Delish said…
I can see why you love the swap idea.
You weren't kidding about having some long entries. I may have to read some of them in shifts!! Looking forward to SAS!

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