Healthy Self- Esteem

The Dish just posted on waiting to craft. Waiting for the house to be clean, waiting for "down time", waiting for a chance to justify time spent being creative.
I tell you she will be still waiting 10 years from now!!:) The house is never clean enough, the kids are never well behaved enough and the husband will NEVER understand our art!
Today I'm totally swamped, dentist appointments (si had 8 cavities!!) 2 birthday parties, child hair appointment and a football game. My house is trashed (see pic!) and all that I can think about is the collage project that I am trying to finish up.
Here's my post to not always doing what is expected of us, of not always appearing perfect, of for just one afternoon doing want we WANT to do instead of doing what we SHOULD be doing!! I feel soo liberated!


The Dish said…
The DISH says... AMEN!
I am so sick of cleaning! Infact, today IM crafting:)
Mucho Love!
Anonymous said…
You just summarized my life motto! So sorry about Si's cavities. Libz' first one she had 11. ;-(

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